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From The "Ark!"

(i.e. from the Archive - ar·chive / ˈärˌkīv / ar k / ark)

“Changing Addresses!”

Retrospective #63

In the final chapter of A HUNDRED YEAR’S WAR, The Salvation Army; 1865-1965, by Bernard Watson, you will find the heading: THEY DARE NOT DIE.

7. “Turn with Me to Song Number One!”

Retrospective #62(g)

Luther taught that salvation and, consequently, eternal life are not earned by good deeds but are received only as the free gift of God's grace through the believer's faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin.

2. “Turn with Me to Song Number One!”

Retrospective #62(b)

It is noteworthy that, after a number of appointments where he would have been the junior, Jukes was appointed to three of the most significant Circuits of that time. Tunstall, Staffordshire was the place of origin of Primitive Methodism and Ramsor had been almost as significant.


Retrospective #59

Someone’s out there....I put on my coat, grabbed the keys, and went out to explore...

Intense Every Day?

Retrospective #58

On the inside cover, just above a complete mini calendar of 1965 is an excerpt from a message entitled THE MASSES WITHOUT CHRIST, introduced with the words “God’s Soldier Speaks” that reads as follows: 

The Advent Wreath

Retrospective #56

As a child growing up in the Army I must confess I don't remember this feature being a part of our Christmas worship theme (perhaps too "churchy").

Show Me Thy Glory!

Retrospective #52

“Now this is a wonderful sight this morning gentlemen. It does my heart good to see you both kneeling and what a wonderful job you’ve done. It would be such a blessing to have you kneel here again on the day of its dedication. Yes, the first two converts at our brand new Mercy Seat!”


Retrospective #49

And then there was the other brother, never spoken of very much and when mentioned there was always a hush, or whispered words with the adjective “poor” before his name.

Captain Ray Cole

Retrospective #48

Both Ray and Gwen, along with extended family in those days fit well into several definitions of the word “angel”. They helped me stay on my feet. They helped me stand!

The Eyes Of God

Retrospective #46

It was a particularly heavy-hearted-Sunday when the seed was first planted and the sentiments expressed then, continue to rise up in me at every report of terrorism, mass shootings, any examples of hate in the hearts of people…

And so it was yesterday…


Retrospective #45

There are spoons, plates, bookmarks, mugs, buttons, badges, thimbles, ribbons, medallions, planners, ornaments, pictures, calendars, and keychains.

Overheard Lately

Retrospective #44

I was standing near one of our boxes of old corps flags the other morning where I imagined listening to a rather animated conversation going on among three of them. It went something like this...

All Saints!

Retrospective #43

The Death Messenger has visited Sceviour’s Island Corps and taken from our midst our officer and teacher, Cadet Fennemore.

The Other Catherine

Retrospective # 42

Most are well acquainted with C. S. Lewis’s CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, particularly THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. But I reckon not too many people know about the Salvation Army’s “witch.”

"Did you hear about Harry?"

Retrospective #40

The Captain shouted a “hallelujah” as (after the third sing) we finished the chorus and then he invited us to continue worshiping by turning to song #202 in the Song Book – WOULD YOU BE FREE FROM YOUR BURDEN OF SIN? The band struck up and off we went!

Unseen and Seen

Retrospective #39

Then there was the Muppet Show from the late seventies. Another favourite of mine! And wouldn’t you know it – it happened again...

All my Days

Retrospective #38

Top, center, is a small red SA Crest; underneath in blue, larger, block letters, you have “THE SALVATION ARMY”; next a line to fill in the name of your home corps; then in a much larger font, red and bold, announcing in one word - MEETINGS!

The General's Prayer

Retrospective #35

For Jesus Christ’s sake, our Saviour, who saves us now and all the time, and evermore.”

Do I hear an AMEN!?


A Unique Man

Retrospective #34

The ill-will and the laughter of the slums, even actual violence, did not suffice to discourage him. The contempt of the upper classes and the coldness of the churches but intensified his determination to perfect a far-reaching organization for the amelioration of humanity…

The Sweater!

Retrospective #33

The man's wife had no idea what the letters said, and she couldn't read anyway. So copying a sign from a store window opposite their home, she embroidered the words of that store sign onto his red sweater.

The Thingamajig!

Retrospective #32

As we had our beginning in Victorian England one can understand our forebears utilizing this particular item of ladies fashions from that day - that it would still be found on the heads of Sally Ann lassies one hundred plus years later, for some, boggles the mind.

The Tin Box

Retrospective #31

A metal container that looked much like a family size cereal box made of copper. Curiously I took it from the shelf and examined it more closely.

A Few Lines

Retrospective #29

Not unlike other similar writings by authors from that time Catherine’s own struggles and testimony come shining through.

Taste and See!

Retrospective #27

Again in our day one did not eat in church, except at special fund raisers or celebratory festivities held in the YP Hall, whereas today we’ve gone from cheerios in a small cup to three course dinners and a movie!

In Everything Give Thanks (2)

Retrospective #26

We had a nice chuckle and I replaced the song with one that had a less “Western Movie” motif! In the meantime, I’m not sure if Mrs. (-) is aware of this page or will read this post but in case she does, begging her forgiveness, I’d like us to take a look at the old hymn and consider the simplistic meaning of this brilliant metaphor used by the author (first used of course by Jesus Himself).

In Everything Give Thanks!

Retrospective #25

As Canadian Christians we too lay claim to a Biblical heritage and seek to model our lives according to the better examples offered in scripture.

The Man With The Giraffe Neck!

Retrospective #23

Being the basement of course, natural lighting from the outside was scarce and with no lights turned on it could be hollow and eerie, especially as “he” was in there.

Songs For Young People

Retrospective #21

And don’t forget the page under the cover page, Page #3, which contained, among other things, the Ten Commandments in short rhyme!

The Chair

Retrospective #19

I was driving at the time and the shock of his inquiry so distracted me that I nearly left the highway!

The Popeye Point!

Retrospective #18

I confess there were days when I felt that I could not do this; I could not live in these circumstances; I could not pay the price to be the harvester of souls that the Lord had called me to be; I was not a fisherman nor was I a fisher of men.

The Nineteenth Letter of the Alphabet!

Retrospective #17

I had never thought to commit to memory the numerical place of each letter of the alphabet and like many a humbled man, I thanked him and walked away, counting on my fingers “A, B, C,...

In the Army!

Retrospective #16

Would it surprise you to learn that not one of the drums in our collection is in pristine condition but rather all are scratched, dented, dusty, and dirty, punctured, marked and to the untrained eye perhaps - thought now to be rubbish?

The Living Word!

Retrospective #15

On good days we sometimes received two channels – CBC and CTV with CTV often sending a stronger signal, or maybe it was because we only had one antenna in the attic?

The Barracks!

Retrospective #13

I have no idea if any of these buildings are still standing or whether or not they still serve as places of worship...


Retrospective #12

In my earlier life experience I understood L.O.L. to mean “Lots of Love!” You remember correct? I'm thinking, “I love you too bro, but isn't this a bit much?”


Retrospective #11

I must confess that a response of pride swells up within me whenever I see one of these road-warrior vehicles...

Pub Boomers!

Retrospective #9

The call came early Monday morning. The lady sounded a little rattled and wanted clarification regarding recurring entries in her grandmother’s diary dated 1909...

The Keyboard!

Retrospective #8

Many a poem and sermon I’ve written while engaging life sometimes in the strangest of places!


Retrospective #7

Sometime in 1965 the calendar would reach thirty-six thousand and five hundred days since the Christian Mission, under the leadership of a Reform Methodist street evangelist, had commenced work in the East End slums of London England. The general-superintendent William Booth, referred to affectionately as the “General,” in just a

The Cross and the Crown!

Retrospective #5

In the case of the Founder, no doubt it signified the loss of his dear wife, partner and Co-Founder of the Salvation Army - Catherine.

Sessional Pictures!

Retrospective #1

Their faces stare down at me as I pass along the hallways of 26 Howden Road. Depending on where I am of course, many of these folk are now long gone, promoted to glory!