Genealogical Research

The Archives of the Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory will do limited genalogical research as time permits.  Records of births, marriages, and deaths as well as Corps membership of families may be part of the Archives records and may be held and maintained by the individual Corps (churches).

The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory does not maintain central membership lists. Information on families prominent in local church activities, corps registers, and corps directories can best be found by contacting the corps directly. If a researcher knows a town or city, the Archives can usually provide them with a list of local corps. If a corps has closed, the records are typically found in the archives.

Please complete the following request form if you would like our archivist to conduct a geanealogical research on your behalf. The first half hour is free.

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Vital Records Inquiries in Corps (Parish/Church) Registers

Records of dedications (similar to a baptismal record in other churches), burials, and marriages are normally kept at the church where the event took place. For best results, first contact when doing research should be the local Salvation Army Corps (Chucrh) . If records are not available localy, or if the location has closed, conact the Archives for a search of our records. 

To determine if a particular congregation still exists and its current address by contacting the Archives or by using the ministry unit look up list. 

Please keep in mind that Corps do not have a practicing archivist and few Corps registers are cumulatively indexed.  As a result, it may take the Corps some time to reply to your inquiry. Keep your inquiry brief, giving only the essential information and requesting only the information you need. Your chances of receiving a reply are better if you do not ask broad questions or provide unnecessary details of your family history.