Divisional Headquarters

The Salvation Army has divided the Canada and Bermuda Territory into smaller administrative units in order to better provide guidance and oversight to the work of the Army at the ministry unit level.

Each of these administrative groups is generally based upon clusters of Salvation Army Ministry units in a geographic area. In the early days, these geographic units were referred to as Districts, but over time that name changed to the current title of Divisions; each administrated by a Divisional Commander.

Divisions can be broken down by a region, such as the current Prairies or Maritime Divisions, or can be broken down by a province such as the British Columbia Division.

Overtime, as technology and transporation systems have improved, the requirements for so many districts or divisions has diminished and more effort has been made to reduce administrative oversight through concentrating this administrative oversight in larger Divisional structures.

Currently the Canada and Bermuda Territory is broken down into the following nine Divisions:

British Columbia

Alberta and Northern Territories





Newfoundland and Labrador


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