History of the Canadian Staff Songsters

Music is an integral part of Salvation Army ministry around the world, and the Canada and Bermuda Territory is no exception.

The earliest recored mention of a Songster Brigade was in the February 2, 1907 War Cry, where dispatches were noted about the Barrie Songsters. Over time many of the large Corps across the Trritory had Songster Brigades, howevere the Sonster Brigade never achived the same status in the Corps as did the local band.

Although the Territory saw the formation of a Staff Band  and a Staff Songster Brigade in its early days, the Staff Songster Brigade did not remain active for very long.

It wasn't until the fall of 2016, that the territory’s vocal ministry received a boost  with the formation of the Canadian Staff Songsters, under the leadership of Major Len Ballantine. This group of choristers will lead the territory in worship, evangelism and integrated mission through music. 

Major Len Ballentine 2016 - present

Len Ballantine

Through its ministry, the Canadian Staff Songsters aims to enrich the faith of Salvationists across the territory and beyond, to solidify the mission of the Army in the hearts and minds of those who hear them sing, and move the Army forward in faith.