The Order of the Founder

 Canada and Bermuda Territory Order of the Founder Recipients

Order of the Founder Medal

Name Date
Sister Elizabeth Jane Stickells 1923 
CSM Ralph C. Braund 1941
CSM George Dinsdale 1943
Sister Polly Fitch 1943
Field-Adjutant Charles Newton 1945
Envoy Edwin C. Pedlar 1945
Brigadier Nora Brokenshire 1964 
Senior Field-Captain Mary Moore 1971 
Major Leonard Andrew Kirby 1972 
CSM James McFarlane 1975
Divisional BM Jack Green 1978
Envoy Mrs. Jean Brown 1978
CSM Cyril James Simmons 1981
Colonel Leonard Kirby 1982
Mrs. Major Ruth Benjamin 1982
CSM Donald G.McBride 1988
Mrs. Joan H. McBride 1988
Major Jean Brown 1988
Lt. Col. Levina Kroeker 1990
Mary Saulnier 2000
Brigadier Elizabeth Peacocke 2000
Robert (Bob) McArthur 2010
Shirley McArthur 2010
Major Anette Vardy 2019
Doctor James Read 2021

A Salvation Army Order of Merit “THE FOUNDER’S ORDER”

The order will be granted by special Minute of the General to soldiers and officers who may, in his judgement, render distinguished and memorable service, such as, either in spirit or achievement, would have specially commended itself to our beloved Founder. That service may have relation to any department of our work.

Members of the Founder’s Order will receive the badge of the Order when gazetted.

T. Henry Howard CHIEF OF THE STAFF The War Cry - August 25, 1917

General Bramwell Booth instituted The Order of the Founder in 1917, five years after the death of his father, the Founder William Booth.

 The Order of The Founder is the highest Salvation Army recognition granted to Salvationists for distinguished and outstanding service.

The first awards were made in 1920 to 15 officers and one soldier. Three years later, seven officers and one soldier were honoured. To date, 170 officers and 103 soldiers have been recognized with the Army’s highest honour — a total of 273.

The Salvation Army Year Book 2019—page 42.


Proposals are submitted to the Territorial Commander, who drafts a detailed brief of the merits of the candidate for International Headquarters. A committee of international Commissioners called the Order’s “Chapter” convene and submit recommendations to the General, who makes the final decision.

 Those who are admitted to the Order of the Founder receive a Certificate of Membership (above right), and a Medal (below right) on which the name of the recipient, the General who granted it, and the date are inscribed on the reverse side.

 Twenty-five salvationists from the Canada and Bermuda Territory have been granted the Order of the Founder. In his book, “Fighting For His Glory”, General Arnold Brown relates the stories and impact of the first fifteen inductees. 

The first Canadian inductee, Elizabeth Stickells, was admitted in 1923. The most recent is Doctor James Read, whose story is reported in the November 2021 issue of The Salvationist (p.?).