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Divisional Candidates Teams

Meet your Divisional Teams! 

Bermuda Division

Divisonal Secretary for Candidates - Lt. Adriane Cartmell

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Adriane considers herself to be from British Columbia though at this point in her life she has spent just as much time in Ontario. She loves to travel, learn languages, experience different cultures and explore museums (some more than others). As an officer’s kid herself, Adriane has moved around a fair bit, and as an Officer for several years that trend has continued. Adriane is passionate about Jesus and helping people learn to relate to Him and to each other in ways that actually reflect real life. It all comes down to journeying through life together… with Jesus. Right now, she gets to that in Bermuda – which is so incredibly awesome or as we say here Bermudaful.

British Columbia Division 

Divisional Secretary for Candidates - Captain Joyce Downer 

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Joyce has had the privilege of living and ministering from coast-to-coast in Canada since becoming an officer a decade (or so) ago.  Along with her husband, Joyce started her ministry in Cape Breton, NS, and they’ve continued to grow as a family moving from east to west across the country, also serving in Kentville, NS, in London, ON and now in Burnaby, BC.  Joyce and Josh have four children, and together their family loves adventure!  She loves good food and exploring new places; whether checking out a different playground with her kids, trying a new restaurant, or driving to a different part of this beautiful province.  Though she’s more of a glamper than a camper, Joyce believes camping ministry, along with journeying with people as they explore God’s call on their lives, are the two best jobs in the world!  Her hope if you meet her is that you can find a place to be real, and that she is a safe place to either laugh or cry with, or both.

Alberta and Northern Territories Division

Divisonal Secretary for Candidates - Captain Olivia Campbell Sweeting

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Prairies Divison

Divisonal Secretary for Candidates - Captain Kristiana Mackenzie

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Ontario Division 

Divisonal Secretary for Candidates - Captain Jodi Dunstan 

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Hi everyone!  I am Captain Jodi Dunstan and have been a SA officer for almost 15 years.  Prior to this, I enjoyed several years working as a Registered Nurse and raising my two wonderful kids with my crazy hubby Mark.  Some fun facts about me:  I am the baby sibling of 5; I am currently living in the 26th home in my life and have lived in 5 of Canada’s wonderful provinces; I love Sunflowers, potato chips and walking anywhere in our beautiful world.  It is my privilege in this season of life to be a DYS and DSC within TSA – I especially enjoy seeing young adults thrive and grow into the incredible leaders God has made them to be.

Quebec Division

Divisonal Secretary for Candidates - Captain Indira Albert 

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Indira Albert was born in Venezuela, the eldest of three siblings in a Christian family. She moved to Montreal, Canada, in her late teens. Although Spanish is her mother tongue, she is fluent in both English and French. She is a wife and is a mother of two wonderful teens, Samuel and Allison.

In 2014, Indira became a Salvation Army Officer through the CFOT Program. She previously served as Corps Officer with Social Services, and is currently the Divisional Youth Secretary, Divisional Secretary for Candidates as wellDivisional Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Responder. She loves serving in the province of Quebec for its cultural and language diversity. She is honoured and love to journey alongside with people to discover God’s perfect plan for us.

She is passioned to do her part as follower of Christ to bring God’s kingdom here on earth!

Maritimes Division

Divisonal Secretary for Candidates - Lt. Zachary  Marshall

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Newfoundland and Labrador Division

Divisonal Secretary for Candidates - Major Kathleen Ingram 

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Kathleen is from Belleville, ON but attended training college in St. John’s, NL and has been an officer for 17 years (5 corps appointments in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Ontario and is now back again in Newfoundland). Wife to Chad and mother of 3, she loves singing, reading, working out, hiking and traveling to new places. Her desire is to make Jesus her heart’s song; to be joyful and a little feisty; to dream big and to get her hands dirty! She likes to encourage herself and others to think outside the box, be innovative, practice transformation and good stewardship. She loves to minister to those in crisis (EDS) and teach and mentor the next generation of Jesus followers. Being a DCYS/DSC has been a 25-year dream of hers since first having worked at Roblin Lake Camp as a teen. You could certainly make her day with daisies, chocolate, raspberries or a chai tea latte (almond milk, extra hot with cinnamon powder ).