Our Department

The Candidates Department of the Canada & Bermuda Territory is committed to helping individuals across the territory realize their potential for full-time ministry within The Salvation Army through the different Pathways to full time service. The department works with Divisional Leaders and local Corps to facilitate the application process for those wanting to enter the College for Officer Training as well as supporting recruitment strategies developed by the divisions. In addition, the Candidates Department hosts an Explore Your Call Weekend (formally known as officership information weekend) every year, bi-monthly Candidate Connect events and develops themes along with promotional tools for Call & Commitment month (during the month of February).

The department works closely with Divisional Candidate Secretaries ,Territorial Candidate Recruitment Workgroup and Territorial Candidates Committee. 

Meet our team! 

Kristen Jackson-Dockeray

 Captain Kristen Jackson-Dockery, Territorial Secretary for Candidates and Assistant Territorial Children & Youth Secretary. 

Kristen was born and raised in Steeltown Canada, otherwise known as Hamilton ON. Since becoming an officer in The Salvation Army she has lived in Niagara Falls, Burnaby, and now lives in Toronto- with her husband (Jason) and her two children- though one would say he is a teenager and not a child. She loves reading, listening to true-crime podcasts, and most likely could be found re-watching episodes of the Office on Netflix. She is passionate about people, about people knowing Jesus and following the movement of God closely.

Captain Jason Dockeray, Territorial Children & Youth Secretary and Assistant Candidates Secretary.

Jason has been an active officer for 10 years, serving with wife (Kristen) first in Niagara Falls as the corps officer of Niagara Orchard Community Church, then Burnaby BC, as the Divisional Children and Youth secretary and most recently at THQ as the Executive officer to the Territorial Commander. Jason is passionate about Jesus and helping others know and serve Him better. He is the proud father of 2 amazing children, he loves to laugh, he is an avid runner, loves to travel, and enjoys the cinema.

Shona Burditt, Candidates Project Coordinator 

Shona was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved to Canada in 2000 when she married her husband, Andrew. She has been involved in full time ministry within the Salvation Army since that time, most recently as the Youth pastor at Oshawa Temple, ON before taking on the role as the Candidates Project Coordinator in August 2021. She lives in Whitby with Andrew, their two boys and crazy dog. She loves to encourage people, listening to their stories and sharing the love of Jesus every chance she gets. She loves picking up shells, walking, reading books and drinking copious amounts of tea.