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Arising from the recent strategic planning surrounding Officer recruitment it was decided that the Candidates Fellowship needed a redevelopment and relaunch in the territory. It was agreed that the territory would be greatly benefited if we were to recapture the original goal and function of the Fellowship; to create a community of individuals interested in Salvation Army Officership, engaging them in development and exploration of God’s call on their lives.


Candidates Connect exists to create space for individuals exploring God’s call on their life for ministry in The Salvation Army and discerning if Officership is the avenue to obediently respond. Individuals will be given an opportunity to experience community while engaging in intentional spiritual growth and development.


The foundation and mission of the Candidates Connect have been captured in the following three pillars:

Building Character

Candidates Connect will actively develop spiritual maturity, practical faith, and holiness of life and witness of the members.

Building Capacity

Candidates Connect will actively develop the practical, academic, and leadership skill and knowledge base of the members.

Building Community

Candidates Connect will actively develop comradery and fellowship amongst members through their shared experience of exploring God’s call on their lives.

These operational directives are the means through which the purpose of Candidates Connect will be accomplished. The language of building has been intentionally chosen to emphasize that exploring God’s call and considering Salvation Army Officership is a process. Please download the appropriate form here, complete it and then send it to your Divisional Secretary for Candidates. 

Candidates Connect Application Form (English)

Candidates Connect Application Form (French)

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