Exploring God's call on each of our lives is one of the fundamental responsibilities of every believer. God has created each of us for something unique, profound, and eternal in scope. May God bless you as you take time to explore what He is calling you to do out of your love for Him.

Journey To Full-Time Ministry

If you feel God is calling you to full-time ministry in The Salvation Army we encourage you to take the following steps:

1.  Here is a link to a easy to read, comprehensive guide through the Journey to Full-Time Ministry and the different phases of an application for officership. For the french version, please use this link. 

Here is a link to the policy regarding applications for the candidate application process. Click here.

2. Reach out to your Corps Officer or Divisional Secretary for Candidates. If you are unable to connect with any of those individuals please feel free to contact us directly at THQ.Candidates@salvationarmy.ca

3. Explore Candidates Connect. The purpose of the Candidates Connect is to  create a community of like-minded people who feel a sense of calling to full time ministry, and to allow opportunities to learn about different aspects of what full-time vocational ministry within The Salvation Army could look like.