Ministry Placement Program


    This program will provide ministry, training, and development opportunities to individuals considering the possibility of full-time vocational ministry within The Salvation Army.

    The Ministry Placement Program is a one-year intentional placement opportunity to encourage leaders in the church to consider their calling while strengthening their character and ministry experience for long-term effective leadership within The Salvation Army. Program participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the unique calling of officership, and experience practical ministry. Throughout the course of the program, the participant will be encouraged to grow in their own spiritual life and to be a part of the spiritual growth of those they minister to in the context of; congregational life, social services, youth ministries, community involvement and work with those who partner with, and volunteer in, our various ministries and outreaches.


    We believe that participants who complete the program will be able to better explore the calling to full-time vocational ministry, as well those who participate in the program will have an enhanced sense of the reality of fulltime vocational ministry within The Salvation Army.


    To learn more about the program, download the participant handbook here.


    The link to apply is below. Your application will be recieved by the Territorial Candidates Department and then will be sent to your division for determination. 

    Apply here.