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  • Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus!

    Advent - a time to prepare for Christ's coming into the world December 6, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale
    ... and may the Lord use every kettle shift, every food and toy hamper, and every cup of hot chocolate as an opportunity for us to share the message of the Gospel...
  • For This I Have Jesus

    A Steely-Eyed Endurance November 6, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale phrase in particular that caught my attention as I listened to that song again. It’s found in the third verse – “a steely-eyed endurance.” I have spent the last two weeks reflecting on that phrase. One of the definitions of steely is strength. Merriam Webster’s dictionary refers to a steely determination. ...

  • Welcome Messengers of Compassion

    Blood and Fire Spirit September 18, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale
    I was captured by the phrase “Blood and Fire’ spirit – that great zeal for the lost that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Yes! That is the kind of Officer I long to be – and more are needed! 
  • Come Into Our World

    Carrying God's Presence To The Lost September 11, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale
    In recent days, I have become increasingly aware that the world needs Jesus! As I look around me I can’t help but think of the lyrics from Joy Webb’s song ‘Come Into Our World”...