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  • For This I Have Jesus

    A Steely-Eyed Endurance November 6, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale phrase in particular that caught my attention as I listened to that song again. It’s found in the third verse – “a steely-eyed endurance.” I have spent the last two weeks reflecting on that phrase. One of the definitions of steely is strength. Merriam Webster’s dictionary refers to a steely determination. ...

  • Welcome Messengers of Compassion

    Blood and Fire Spirit September 18, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale
    I was captured by the phrase “Blood and Fire’ spirit – that great zeal for the lost that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Yes! That is the kind of Officer I long to be – and more are needed! 
  • Come Into Our World

    Carrying God's Presence To The Lost September 11, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale
    In recent days, I have become increasingly aware that the world needs Jesus! As I look around me I can’t help but think of the lyrics from Joy Webb’s song ‘Come Into Our World”...