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    Welcome Messengers of Compassion

    Blood and Fire Spirit September 18, 2017 Major Jennifer Hale

    I have just returned from Winnipeg, Manitoba where I had the privilege of celebrating the Territorial Welcome to the Messengers of Compassion. It was a joy to share with these 14 new cadets as they officially marked the beginning of their training to be Salvation Army Officers. They are convinced of their calling and eager to prepare themselves for a lifetime of exciting ministry in The Salvation Army!

     Throughout the various events of the weekend there were many things to reflect on. I thought about my own welcome meeting as an Ambassador of Grace 18 years ago in St. John’s, NL and the excitement that I too shared with my session mates as we embarked on what has turned out to be a wonderful journey. I couldn’t help but be challenged as we sang the lyrics of General Orsborn’s song “Except I Am Moved with Compassion.” As we were singing I came to these underlined words in my songbook…

     O Saviour of men, touch my spirit again,
    And grant that thy servant may be
    Intense every day, as I labour and pray,
    Both instant and constant for thee – SASB 626

    I found myself making this prayer to the Lord again yesterday afternoon. But I think the thing that stood out to me most was a phrase from the International Mission Statement for all Salvation Army Training Colleges. It said “the supreme aim of all officer training is to develop officers of such ‘Blood and Fire’ spirit that they will be enabled to sustain and advance the purpose of The Salvation Army.” I was captured by the phrase “Blood and Fire’ spirit – that great zeal for the lost that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Yes! That is the kind of Officer I long to be – and more are needed! Colonel Lee Graves reminded us in his prayer that Messengers of Compassion are needed – those who will stand and say that Jesus is the hope of the world. And Commissioner Susan McMillan challenged us to consider by what name will we choose to be known.

     Salvationists of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, may I be so bold as too add my own challenge to you to ask the Lord to give you this ‘blood and fire’ spirit. May the Lord stir in our hearts again that passionate zeal to win the lost for Jesus.

     On we march with the blood and the fire,
    To the ends of the earth we will go;
    And the Saviour’s love will be the theme of our song
    Because we love him so – SASB 932


    On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, Neil Church said:

    May the new Cadets never lose their zeal and desire to win souls for God! God Bless and keep each one of them!


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