Meet The Messengers of Compassion - Salvation Army Canada

Messengers of Compassion Session (2017-2019)
College for Officer Training, Winnipeg

Joshua Cain
Vernon, British Columbia Division

I first felt God’s call during my time at Corps 614 in Toronto’s Regent Park area. Returning to Vernon, I was challenged by retired officer Major George Perkin to explore officership. His affirmation of my call was instrumental, and I am looking forward to giving myself fully to God’s work

Angela Kerr
Meadowlands Corps, Hamilton, Ontario Great Lakes Division

God has been preparing me for officership since I was a young child. He has grown in me a heart and passion for the lost, misguided, forgotten and rejected through situations, challenges and obstacles in my life. A conversation with our divisional youth secretary helped make it clear to me that God was leading me to full-time ministry as an officer. When I surrendered to his will, I found a great peace and confidence in his plan for my life.

 Derek Kerr
Meadowlands Corps, Hamilton, Ontario Great Lakes Division

As former clients of the Army’s community and family services office in Dundas, Ont., my family and I were in desperate need of a new church. Sometime after we arrived at Meadowlands Corps, Major June Newbury, who was then our area commander, asked me if I had ever considered officership. “God uses people like you, Derek,” she said, “to validate the work of the Army.” I began to pray and discern that God was calling me to officership. I believe CFOT will help we fulfil that call by preparing me mentally and spiritually to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Nancy Studiman
Westsong Community Church, Victoria, British Columbia Division

God’s call began in my late teens, but I doubted that he could use my simple gifts and abilities. He has been persistent, and has used a variety of roles at my corps and in my career to broaden my skills. He has also placed officers in my life who challenged me to consider God’s call. When I surrendered to him I experienced his peace and trust him for my future.

Joel Torrens
Sunshine Coast Community Church, Gibsons, British Columbia Division

My parents instilled in me the importance of ministry, and I have good models of officers in my in-laws.  Their influence helps me see officership as an opportunity to inspire, coach, mentor, disciple and ultimately mobilize people to use their gifts and abilities to grow the kingdom of God.

Lynn Torrens
Sunshine Coast Community Church, Gibsons, British Columbia Division

Several years ago, God spoke to me through Isaiah 40 and has confirmed his call on my life several times through this chapter. It starts with a call to comfort God’s people and to proclaim that their iniquity is pardoned; to prepare the way of the Lord. This call to comfort and share with others had me pursuing a career in counselling for a time, and I considered moving toward counselling as my full-time ministry. Yet, God has made it increasingly clear that this vocation is to be realized by serving as an officer.

Lynnette Trottier
Hope Community Church, Ajax/Pickering, Ontario Central-East Division

I felt God’s call before I met my husband, Matthew, and thought that when we got married, the ministries we were involved in would fulfil that call. We felt the Holy Spirit prompting us to give our lives to him in complete surrender, so we are stepping out in faith into full-time service as officers.

Matthew Trottier
Hope Community Church, Ajax/Pickering, Ontario Central-East Division

My wife, Lynnette, and I both received God’s call for ministry before we were married. For many years we followed that call in numerous settings, but eventually realized that we needed to be in full-time ministry. We spent a long while praying, asking questions and talking to each other and Salvation Army officers, and then God confirmed our decision to enter the CFOT.

Kassie Van Every
Mountain Citadel, Hamilton, Ontario Great Lakes Division

I am thankful for mentors, friends and corps officers who have invested in me. God has used many of them to help me discover my heart for ministry and to challenge me to be obedient to my King, even if his leading is not what I expected.

Drew Young
Cobourg Community Church, Ontario Central-East Division

I began attending Cobourg Community Church when my family decided to support my sister’s call to officership by worshipping at the Army. Coming from a different church background, I had become discontented with church, but my passion for Christ was reignited. I became a senior soldier and attended my first commissioning and ordination service in Toronto. It was there that I felt God calling me into full-time ministry as a Salvation Army officer.