Strategic Plan


2020 saw the creation of a new set of strategic priorities for Candidate recruitment in the Canada & Bermuda Territory. This strategic plan was the result of the combined effort of people from across the territory and exists in response to research, collaboration, and prayer.

Strategic Priority #1: Support the impact

Our goal is to encourage and support the significant impact of Corps Officers and Ministry Leaders. 

Why? The relational influence of corps officers and minsitry leaders have an important impact on individuals considering full time minsitry within The Salvation Army. 

Strategic Priority #2: Identify and Recruit

Our goal is to continuously find new people with leadership potential and tap them on the shoulder for full-time ministry service within The Salvation Army.

Why? There is a need to shift from a culture where candidates primarily self-identify, to a reality where influencers proactively recruit and identify candidates.

Strategic Priority #3: Mission, Vision and Values

Our goal is to inspire individuals considering full-time ministry by demonstrating the importance of The Salvation Army's mission for our world today and the essential role of covenanted leaders.

Why? The Salvation Army has a unique role within the church and people are attracted to our mission, vision and values.

Strategic Priority #4: The Journey to full time service

Our goal is to make the journey to full-time service engaging, purposeful and proactive.

Why? The journey to full-time covenanted service should be a positive life-changing discipleship process.

The full strategic plan  in English can be downloaded here.

The full strategic plan in French can be downloaded here. 

The strategic plan poster in English can be downloaded here. 

The strategic plan poster in French can be downloaded here.