Strategic Plan - Salvation Army Canada
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Strategic Plan


2020 saw the creation of a new set of strategic priorities for Candidate recruitment in the Canada & Bermuda Territory. This strategic plan was the result of the combined effort of people from across the territory and exists in response to research, collaboration, and prayer.

Strategic Priority #1: Positive Role Models

Rationale: The relational influences of officers and local officers have the greatest impact on prospective candidates

Goal: To demonstrate joy in ministry as a Salvation Army officer

Strategic Priority #2: Identify and Recruit

Rationale: More than two-thirds of current officers cite that relational influencers (i.e. officers, family, local officers) had the greatest impact on their decision to become an officer. There is a need to shift from a culture where candidates primarily self-identify towards a reality where influencers proactively recruit and identify candidates.

Goal: To continuously find new people with candidate potential and tap them on the shoulder

Strategic Priority #3: Mission and Values

Rationale: The Salvation Army has a unique role within the Church and people are attracted to our mission and values.

Goal: To inspire prospective candidates by demonstrating the importance of The Salvation Army mission for our world today and the essential role of officer leaders

Strategic Priority #4: The Journey to CFOT

Rationale: The journey to CFOT should be a lifechanging discipleship process where people are developed and have a positive experience leading up to their potential training as a Salvation Army Officer

Goal: To make the journey to becoming a Salvation Army cadet engaging and purposeful/proactive

The full strategic plan can be downloaded by clicking here.