Mobilize 2.0
Terminology Glossary




Change Champions

A network of people who are early adopters of new changes and behaviours. They support leadership in helping to spread awareness and encourage change within their division.

Christian Faith Pathways

Our disciple-making efforts; how we are guiding people along in their spiritual faith development.

Communities of Practice 

Focused, voluntary groups who work together to strengthen mission delivery in a common ministry across the whole territory.


Community and Family Services

An umbrella categorization of many different services that meet the needs of vulnerable people, including food banks and shelters.

Often connected to a Salvation Army church, every Community and Family Services office is unique to address the specific challenges in its community. The Salvation Army partners with other organizations and agencies to help meet these challenges and strengthen services more effectively.
Community Rallies Large-scale, virtual, or in-person gatherings of people involved in Salvation Army ministries (typically officers or employees). They provide an opportunity for two-way engagement with the territory and its divisions. CR
Faith Communities  A place where we provide spiritual care and support to others, such as corps, chapels, small groups and social services.
Frontline Mobilize 2.0 Representation Mission/service delivery corps or ministry unit representatives who are participating in parts of the Mobilize 2.0 program, usually as a member of a working group or focus group.
Just Communities  Places where we know and see kingdom values in everyone. Places where everyone is being treated with dignity and respect and given every opportunity to flourish.  
Mission A territory-wide organizational mandate: The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.
Mission Advisory

A strategic initiative to define the best organizational design for centrally coordinated mission advisory services. To simplify the experience of frontline workers, reduce the duplication between Territorial Headquarters and Divisional Headquarters and reduce confusion over the responsibilities across the organization.

Mission Delivery

Direct front-line delivery of mission. 

Mission Support 

To allow front lines to focus on mission, a strategic initiative coordinated territorially and can include Human Resources, Information Technology, Public Relations, Finance, Property and Development.

Mobilize 2.0

A transformation program for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda territory that leads into the development and implementation of a strategic plan for the territory. 

Operating Model

The way we are organized across the territory to deliver our mission.

Pulse Survey 

Short surveys designed to track the ‘pulse’ or ‘heartbeat’ of the organization on specific topics. 

Regional Integration Leads and Forums 

To support mission impact, Regional Integration Leads link the efforts of ministry units in each geographical region to strengthen unity, partnership and continuity of care.

The Forum is the meeting.



Report Recommendations

Recommendations arising from the Economic Model report, Complexity report and Human Resources review to provide scope for the Mobilize 2.0 program.

Social Footprint Review 

A review of the social services the Salvation Army currently offers to define which social services should be offered in the future.

Specialized Social Mission 

Complex social services that are most often delivered in residential settings: housing and homelessness, addictions, health/long term care, corrections, etc.

Territorial Strategy

Sets objectives and specific actionable initiatives to bring the vision to life. 


Core underpinning beliefs control what the Salvation Army seeks to be in the territory.


Identifies where our organization is going.  

Governance Terms





Provides leadership to a governance or management forum.

Leadership Forums

Advisory forums with leaders from across the territory: the Portfolio Leaders Forum, Mission Delivery Leaders Forum, and the Mission Support Leaders Forum.

Mission Delivery Leaders Forum

Provides input and feedback with respect to issues affecting the delivery of mission throughout the territory. Includes key leaders with territorial and divisional responsibilities.

Mission Support Leaders Forum

Provides input and feedback with respect to issues affecting the mission support functions of the territory. Includes key functional leaders.

National Advisory Board

Provides advice and recommendations to the Territorial Commander on key issues of strategy and operations for potential endorsement to the Governing Council. A large and diverse group, the National Advisory Board offers a broad perspective on issues focused on strategic and operational matters.

Portfolio Leader

A person appointed to a senior leadership operational position.

Portfolio Leaders Forum

Grants the Chief Secretary the opportunity to consult with his/her senior leadership team about key temporal issues affecting the territory’s operations.

Spiritual and Denominational Affairs Board

Chaired by the Territorial Commander, provides advice on the quality and development of the spiritual life of the Army, the effectiveness of the Army as a spiritual movement and provides a forum to discuss matters of spiritual importance. The board will discuss matters related to doctrine, theology, spiritual life, morals, ethics, officer recruitment, officer appointments process, officer discipline, officer development and officer succession. 


A member or members of the Portfolio Leaders Forum who are accountable for the delivery of the Mobilize 2.0 program. The Chief Secretary is the overarching sponsor for the program.

Strategy Engagement Working Group 

A group working to create engagement across the territory to adopt the vision statement in relevance to their local environment. The approach has three phases: Learning the Vision, Living the Vision and Leading the Vision. 

Territorial Management Board

The primary body established to assist the Governing Council in managing the property, business and other temporal affairs.

Work Stream

Groups established to oversee specific initiatives that fall under the Mobilize 2.0 program.

Working Group

A group established to oversee initiatives assigned by a work stream to develop supporting recommendations.


Mission Partner

A unifying term to describe all individuals who serve within the Salvation Army internally: officers, auxiliary-lieutenants, auxiliary-captains, cadets, employees (full-time, part-time, casual, contract) and volunteers.

Service Partner

Describes all individuals and entities who support the organization externally by providing services and goods including contractors, businesses, third-party operators, suppliers, vendors and consultants.

Officers (Commissioned and Non-Commissioned)

Describes all individuals who serve in the Salvation Army with official ranks and includes officers, auxiliary-lieutenants, auxiliary-captains, cadets in appointments, envoys and retired officers.