Correctional and Justice Services

The Salvation Army has a long history of working in the correctional and justice field. We managed the first juvenile detention centre in Canada, and a Salvation Army officer was the first official chaplain to work in a Canadian correctional institution. Today we offer an array of correctional and justice services in many communities across the country. There are numerous officers and hundreds of staff working to support clients in moving forward with their goals.

While active in prisons and courts, we also provide a number of community-based services including residential facilities for adult and young offenders; attendance and community resource centres, involvement with community service orders, pre-charge diversion, family group conferencing, pre and post-release planning, chaplaincy, music therapy, life skills and literacy training, as well as providing circles of support and aftercare. Its vast experience and wide network of resources uniquely equips The Salvation Army to fulfil this challenging and demanding work.

Refocusing and redefining an understanding of justice expectations in the criminal justice system is a priority for The Salvation Army. Restorative justice focuses on identifying what needs to be done to reduce the possibility of persons being harmed again, often by rebuilding relationships and by addressing underlying social problems which led to the crime.