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Health & Senior Services

In providing health services, The Salvation Army partners with respective Provincial Health Authorities, working with various models of governance. Our programs are diligent in meeting legislative requirements, provincial regulations set by health authorities, and municipal codes.

Apartments and Assisted Living for Seniors

The Salvation Army provides residential programs for seniors ranging from independent to assisted living. Services may be provided by outside community health agencies, or assistance with the activities of daily living can be provided by Salvation Army staff on site. Assisted living programs provide accommodation, hospitality, and personal care services in a manner that maintains dignity, choice, and independence.

Long Term Care

The Salvation Army operates Long Term Care facilities, also known as Personal Care Homes, across Canada. Long Term Care facilities are designed specifically for individuals with medical needs who require 24 hour access to care and treatment. Our programs and services are designed to monitor the health of residents, promote independence and provide a supportive environment by maximizing strengths and assisting residents with activities of daily living.

Our service delivery model aims to provide services that respond to resident needs across all life domains—physical, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. To achieve this aim an array of treatment and therapeutic options may be available. Services are provided on-site for personal care and nursing. Registered nurses coordinate care onsite and other health professionals can visit the facility when needed. Recreation staff are in place to offer activities which promote health, wellness, and independence. In addition, onsite chaplaincy services are provided to enhance spiritual health.


The Salvation Army offers several hospice programs in Canada. Hospice is a sanctuary of hope at the end of life that provides a loving home-like environment for individuals to live out their final days and to die with peace and dignity. We walk beside each resident to facilitate a gentle closure to life, with comfort ensured, values and decisions respected, and families supported.

Hospice programs provide inter-disciplinary teams that are sensitive to the needs of the terminally ill and their families. Our caregivers provide excellent individualized physical, spiritual, social, and emotional care. We want our residents to have as much quality of life as possible. The Salvation Army hospice programs have expertise to care for residents at the end of life.

Toronto Grace Health Centre

Toronto Grace Health Centre is a 119-bed facility owned and operated by The Salvation Army. Toronto Grace is renowned for the compassion, clinical excellence and patient-centered care we provide. The heart of patient-centred care is recognizing that each person has individualized priorities and goals, and each care plan reflects this. Through understanding and appreciating the complexity of day-to-day life, Toronto Grace provides patient-centered care for individuals with multifaceted chronic diseases who require Complex Continuing Care, Post-Acute Care Rehabilitation and Palliative Care.