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About Us

Territorial Social Services Department’s  Mission Statement
Motivated by the love of God and the life and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, we provide leadership, consultation and expertise by pursuing excellence in the delivery of health and social services in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Social service and health ministries are an integral part of The Salvation Army. These ministries “bring to life” the mission and mandate of the organization. The social services department fulfills a territorial role in supporting these ministries through:


  • Providing a territorial view and voice for the organization in relation to the Army’s ministries
  • Influencing through communication of national, regional and local views
  • Assisting with the training and development of personnel
  • Identifying personnel with mission passions
  • National networking


  • Providing a team of internal consultants for program, ministry and divisional development
  • Partnering with Divisional Headquarters to ensure all health and social service ministry units have access to consulting support
  • Coaching, facilitating, project management and training

Content Expertise

  • Ensuring that ministry unit leaders have access to support for program development, program evaluation, knowledge sharing and networking
  • Maintaining a level of program expertise in the areas of shelter services, addictions treatment, long term care, community and family services, spiritual care, child care, hospice, residential services, behavioural health services and corrections and justice
  • Identifying emerging social issues

Championing Excellence

  • Creating territorial accreditation standards and managing the accreditation review process
  • Providing leadership to the health and social services accreditation process
  • Implementing organizational, operational and program reviews
  • Developing resources, guidelines and policy
  • Managing projects
  • Engaging in research

Hospital Services

  • Providing oversight and support for personnel appointed to hospital ministries

Family Tracing

  • Providing national program support and oversight
  • Providing the international contact point for all family tracing activities