Coming Soon! The Messengers of Reconciliation

CFOT is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Messengers of Reconciliation session.
They are set to arrive at CFOT in mid-August and preparations are underway.
We are happy to welcome to Winnipeg:

Cadet Janelle Colbourne
Cadets Kerrin and Tim Fraser with Jordan and Emily
Cadets Jessica and Nathanael Hoeft with William, Luke and Isabelle
Cadets Julia and Zach Marshall
Cadet Dunia Molinar Fehr with Joel
Cadet Pamela Poirier
Cadet Tamara Randlesome
Cadet Joshua Rideout
Cadet Matthew Rideout
Cadets Justin and Kaitlin Russell
Cadets Brian and Natalie Williams with Joshua, Cormack and Malcolm (Max)

Looking forward to meeting you and to journeying with you.


On Sunday, August 16, 2020, Shayne Stanton said:

It is great to see that I am familiar with half of the new session of Cadets. I pray that God will continue to guide you on your spiritual and educational path to Officership.


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