Summer Assignments - The Messengers of Grace

The Messengers of Grace Summer Assignment are as follows:

Cadets April Barthau and Marco Herrera Lopizic - Heritage Park Temple and Golden West, Winnipeg
Cadets Kelsie and Mark Burford - Portage la Prairie Corps, Portage la Prairie, MB
Cadets Beverly and John Burton - Living Hope Community Church and Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre, Winnipeg
Cadet Anjie and Tony DaSilva - North End Church Plant, Winnipeg
Cadets Dion and Jenelle Durdle - Centre of Hope, Winnipeg
Cadets Jory and Rebecca Hewson - Southlands Community Church, Winnipeg
Cadet David Hipperson - Brandon Corps and Dinsdale Personal Care Home, Brandon, MB
Cadet Tina Jatzkowski - Southlands Community Church, Winnipeg
Cadet Amy Patrick - CFOT, Winnipeg
Cadets Aimee and John Thomas - Weston Community Church, Winnipeg
Cadets Amanda and Jeremy Thompson - Weetamah, Winnipeg
Cadets Amber and Brent Wareham - DHQ - Youth Department, Prairie Division

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