Very shortly the halls of CFOT will be humming with activities and new Cadets.

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the following new Cadets:

Glenda and Roger Barrow - Pathway Community Church - Newfoundland and Labrador Division

April Barthau and Marco Herrera Lopizic with Hadassah - North York Temple - Ontario Central East Division

Kelsie and Mark Burford - Chatham-Kent Ministries - Ontario Great Lakes Division

Anjie and Tony DaSilva - Kamloops - British Columbia Division

Dion and Jenelle Durdle with Linea, Jehona and Elijah - Westville - Maritime Division

Jory and Rebecca Hewson with Anna and Naomi - Oshawa Temple - Ontario Central East Division

David Hipperson - North York Temple - Ontario Central East Division

Tina Jatzkowski - Dresden Corps - Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory

Amy Patrick - Glenmore Temple - Alberta and Northern Territories

Patrick Penton - Bishops Falls - Newfoundland and Labrador Division

Aimee and John Thomas with Joshua, Nolan and Matthew - Meadowlands - Ontario Great Lakes Division

Amanda and Jeremy Thompson with Eden and Emma - Vernon - British Columbia Division

Almeta and Lester Ward - Conception Bay South - Newfoundland and Labrador Division

Amber and Brent Wareham with Gracie-Lea, Benjamin, Layla and Jakob - Sydney Community Church - Maritime Division

and Field-Based Tailored-Training Cadets:

Janice and Jason Brinson with Matthew - Yellowknife - Alberta and Northern Territories

As they begin their travels and transition please lift them up in your prayers!

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