Captain Shawna Goulding - Training Officer - Salvation Army Canada

Captain Shawna Goulding - Training Officer

photo of Captain Shawna Goulding - Training Officer

Shawna entered the College for Officer Training (CFOT) in Winnipeg, Manitoba along with her session mates (Disciples of the Cross) in 2012. Since being commissioned as a Salvation Army Officer in 2014 she has held three appointments (Corps Officer in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; Westville, Nova Scotia; Somerset, Bermuda; and Divisional Youth Secretary in Bermuda) prior to returning to Winnipeg. Her appointment in Winnipeg commenced in August 2020 and she is the Corps Officer of Weston Community Church as well as a Training Officer at CFOT.

Shawna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Rocky Mountain College.

When Shawna’s not immersed in duties of ministry you’ll find her hanging out with her dog, Vince; capturing some of God’s masterpieces through a camera lens; and exploring the world in travels.

Shawna strives to ‘focus on the goal’ and as such has chosen Philippians 3:12-14 as her life verse(s).