IHQ Unveils 2015 International Congress Logo

Logo symbolizes the Army's unity in diversity.

July 10, 2013

Boundless 2015 Congress LogoAfter a selection process lasting several months, the official logo for The Salvation Army’s 2015 International Congress can now be revealed. Designed by Kim Hansen and Jan Aasmann Størksen from Norway, the logo will become a familiar sight in the lead-up to the congress, which is being held in London, UK, to mark the Army’s 150th anniversary.

The logo is comprised of interwoven shapes, each of which resembles a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Commissioner William Cochrane (International Secretary to the Chief of the Staff) explains: “We are a holiness movement and this congress will express that from the outset. Additionally, the interlocking shapes in the traditional Salvation Army colours of yellow, red and blue infer the unity that is ours through our diversity. The Salvation Army is at work in 126 countries around the world, yet we are one.”

When the multicoloured elements are combined, they form a star, which is a prominent symbol on the Salvation Army flag.

The outer part of the logo forms a circular shape, which is reminiscent of the earth. This ties in with the congress theme Boundless – The Whole World Redeeming, with the logo’s shape reinforcing the Salvationist’s desire to see the entire world won for God. Lt-Colonel Eddie Hobgood (Coordinator, International Congress 2015) adds: “This circular shape, which has no beginning nor ending, reminds us of the words ‘eternal,’ ‘never-ending,’ ‘limitless’ … ‘boundless.’ God’s love, his salvation and his grace are indeed boundless and worthy of our acknowledgement and celebration during the course of our five days together in London.”

The final choice for the logo was selected by the International Congress Planning and Advisory Council, working with international leadership, from approximately 40 submissions from around the Salvation Army world.

The 2015 International Congress will take place in London, UK, from July 1-5, 2015. For the latest news follow @Boundless2015 on Twitter.

The 2015 International Congress logo can be downloaded from http://sar.my/boundlesslogo. It is available – in a variety of file types – in English, French and Spanish.


  1. Ira E. Barrow says:

    My wife and I were impressed, moved in our spirits, when we viewed the Congress 2015 logo.

    We immediately grasped the symbols and their significance without much “prompting” in the write-up. It is simple to view, complex yet quite clear in its spiritual symbolism. Gratitude to the designers.

  2. rajarathnam says:

    Dear, Sir
    My name is ch. Raja Rathnam gald to meet you , I am very happy to hear internationam coference going to be held at london. I am a soldier of salvation army , at duggirala corp Tenali division in Andhra pradesh. I would to like to participate in the coference . I would to like to know the details of the conference.

    From the Editor: Details of the international congress can be found at the website http://www.boundless2015.org

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