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Food for Thought | September 2021

Talking about a vision for the future can seem pointless when everything seems so uncertain. Over the last 18 months we have seen plans derailed, events postponed, flights cancelled and so on. We are so busy handling the now that it is difficult to imagine the future. However, that doesn’t mean we can put those plans on hold. It is more important than ever to consider what we want the future to look like. 

So how can we plan for the future when hope is dwindling? And how can we find renewed hope amidst so much uncertainty? Well, we have to work for it. Simply waiting to see what happens next is not leadership. When we have a vision for the future it can give those we lead the direction and hope we need in the present. 

In the News

Don’t wait for hope. Work for it. 

After a year and a half of uncertainty, disappointment, and loss, making plans seems daunting. When we put our hope in God, while plans may remain uncertain, we can rest assured “God’s plans cannot be thwarted.” 

How to brace yourself for disappointment

Waiting for an outcome can be agonizing. This has been magnified during the pandemic as plans have been disrupted and changed. Finding ways to cope amidst uncertainty can make the wait a little easier to handle. 

Mind your wake

As leaders we have a responsibility to look forward and envision what the future holds. Creating a vision is a critical aspect of leadership. However, it is also critical to live in the present. “There is life to be found in both vision and reflection.” 

Choosing hope, not fear: Purpose-driven leadership

Creating a vision for the future isn’t just about what you want to accomplish. It requires understanding your “why.” Understanding your purpose will help you see a future that aligns with why you exist.  


From our Shelves

Hope is a critical part of what makes us who we are and how we live our lives. In his book, Hope: The Art of Living, van Hooft explores the meaning of hope and the important role it plays in our lives.

Hope by Stan Van Hooft

Hope: The Art of Living
Stan van Hooft
Routledge (2014)


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