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    Wrestling With God

    How can we help people reconstruct their faith?

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    Over the past few years, there has been a growing movement of people who are leaving the evangelical church as a result of deconstructing their faith—a process that involves reflecting on which of their beliefs have been shaped by cultural, political or socio-economic values rather than the values of the kingdom of God. Through this


    Why are so many people deconstructing their faith?

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    I have long appreciated theologian Walter Brueggemann’s threefold manner of considering the Psalms. Psalms of orientation offer God unmitigated praise, reflecting gratitude for lives of stability. Their voices carry a sense of confidence about their relationship with God: “The Lord is … armed with strength; indeed, the world

    New Interim Executive Director Appointed to Ethics Centre

    Colonel Eleanor Shepherd to replace Ethics Centre founder Dr. James Read, who retires on October 1.

    Territorial News
    Colonel Eleanor Shepherd has been appointed as the interim executive director of the Ethics Centre of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, effective October 1, 2021. She succeeds Dr. James Read, who will retire after serving since 1994 as the founder and executive director of The Salvation Army Ethics Centre. Based in Winnipeg, the Ethics Centre

    Let’s Talk

    A new resource will help Salvationists engage difficult topics in ways that bring us together.

    New resource available to help Salvationists have difficult conversations.


    Artwork by Michelle Stoney now on display at The Salvation Army Ethics Centre.

    "...a great visual for this amazing little word and what it means. I think of the mountains people conquer on the journey but also the beauty that can be found in and on that same mountain" - Lt. Colonel Lynn Armstrong

    2020 Territorial Values Survey Results

    As an officer or employee of The Salvation Army in Canada & Bermuda, you were invited to participate in the Territorial Values Survey earlier this year. We’re pleased to report that there were 1418 respondents to the survey – thank you!

    Truth Be Told

    Reckoning with the fall of a hero.

    Dr. James Read, director of The Salvation Army Ethics Centre in Winnipeg, and Dr. Aimee Patterson, a Christian ethics consultant at the Ethics Centre, reflect on recent, troubling news about Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche.