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Here you will find all resource material that is available on the DVD included in the Resource Kit sent to  ministry units. This webpage is here for your convenience to easily access all material.

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Maps of partner territories and Canadians serving abroad.

Videos online (YouTube)

1. Partners In Mission 2015 – Introduction

2. Episode 1: At Arms Length

3. Episode 2: Words Like Rain

4. Episode 3: The Rural Hospital

5. Episode 4: Challenges and Blessings

6. Episode 5: Masiyiephabile (Lets Go Forward)

7. Episode 6: Beacon of Hope

8. Episode 7: More Than a Hospital

9. Episode 8: Service with Purpose

10. Episode 9: Like Arrows

11. Episode 10: Our Calling

12. Episode 11: Community

13. Partners in Mission 2015 – The Piggery (Liberia)

14. Partners in Mission 2015 – Vocational Training Centre

2013 Partners in Mission – Spotlight on Malawi Videos

1. Children’s Feeding Program

2. Mozeo Maleko – Orphans

3. Captain Luke – Poverty in Malawi

4. Feel the Spirit – Music in Malawi



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Boundless Begins

Boundless Begins

International congress in London, England, brings together Salvationists from around the globe to celebrate the Army’s 150th anniversary.

The Song That Still Inspires

The Song That Still Inspires

Since 1893, O Boundless Salvation has been a Salvation Army favourite.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

How to help our children choose a career that fits.

Ruled Faith

Ruled Faith

Doctrines are like hockey’s rules — they shape the way the game is played.

Territorial News

Salvation Army Participates in Truth and Reconciliation Events

Commission’s recommendations will inform Army’s future Indigenous ministry.

Dignity Luncheon Supports Harbour Light Program

Dignity Luncheon Supports Harbour Light Program

The wellness committee of Territorial Headquarters hosts annual Dignity Luncheon to raise money for local social service programs.

International News

Boundless Concludes with March to Buckingham Palace

Boundless Concludes with March to Buckingham Palace

The last day of Boundless ended on a challenging word, sending delegates marching down the streets of London.

Youth Challenged to Shine at Boundless

Youth Challenged to Shine at Boundless

Fourth day of Boundless focuses on the Army of today and tomorrow.

Faith & Friends

The Plane Truth

The Plane Truth

In the Northwest Territories, “roadside assistance” takes on a different meaning when a plane is about to land on top of your van.

From “Joe” to “Dad”

From “Joe” to “Dad”

I was convinced my mother had married a monster, until one horrible night.