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Family Tracing

The Family Tracing Services of The Salvation Army were started in 1885 in order to locate family members with whom contact had been lost. The Salvation Army, with a presence in 111 countries, is uniquely equipped to offer this service internationally.

Please complete the Inquiry Form by responding to all the items listed.

To obtain the information we require you may have to research relevant documents, which may be available to you, or consult relatives, who maybe able to provide this information, or contact any organization, institution or agency, which may have this information.

Please be advised that The Salvation Army reserves the right to accept or reject an application for inquiry depending on the reason for the inquiry, the completeness of information provided and the feasibility of conducting investigations.

1. Since we require the full name of your relative it is important that in addition to the SURNAME you provide us with ALL the given names of this person.
2. We also need the complete DATE OF BIRTH of your relative including the exact DAY, MONTH AND YEAR. Please give us a written explanation if you are not providing an exact and/or complete date of birth.
3. The information about your relative’s parents is important to us even if they should be deceased. Be sure to give us the MAIDEN NAME of your relative’s mother.
4. Your relative’s last known address may give us a starting point in the search. We would appreciate if you could supply us with this information in as much detail as possible, i.e. HOUSE NUMBER, STREET, TOWN, etc.
5. Please make sure you answer the question relating to advertisement in “Salvationist”/ “Faith & Friends” (The Salvation Army monthly periodicals).
6. It is essential that you provide us with your precise reason for wishing to find your relative.
7. The other items are also important and we request your cooperation in providing this information if available.
8. Please be sure to sign and date the form. Note that an original signature is required.
9. Please do not send any pictures.
10. We require a copy of your birth certificate.
11. You may attach copies of the missing person’s relevant documentation (i.e. birth certificate, marriage license, immigration records etc).

The prime purpose of the Family Tracing Service is to reunite closely related family members.
It is the policy of the Family Tracing Service that searches are generally not conducted under any of the conditions outlined below:
a. The inquiry concerns a friend, i.e. not a family member.
b. The subject of the inquiry is a person under 16 years of age.
c. The inquiry involves a legal matter such as debt collection, child support, alimony or the settlement of an estate.
d. The inquirer was adopted and is seeking his/her birth parents or the inquirer is seeking a child given up for adoption, as The Salvation Army does not have access to adoption records.
e. The inquirer is seeking a biological parent, or the inquirer is a birth parent seeking his/her child without supporting documentation such as a birth certificate, which proves the relationship.
f. The inquiry is for genealogical purposes.
g. The subject of the inquiry is known to be deceased or can reasonably be assumed to have died.
h. The inquiry involves a child custody dispute or parental kidnapping.
i. The subject of the inquiry has been missing for less than six months.
j. The inquirer is requesting a “secret” search for the sole purpose of obtaining information. We reserve the right to reveal the inquirer’s identity, address and his/her reason for the inquiry.
k. The inquirer is not able to provide sufficient identifying information to facilitate a search.

Upon completion kindly return the form to us at the address provided on the form.

When we receive your completed form we will review it to determine if your inquiry falls within the scope of our investigation program and you have provided sufficient information to enable us to do a search. In due course we will advise you concerning the status of your application for inquiry.

Application Process
All inquiries should be directed to the Family Tracing office nearest your place of residence. An inquiry form must be completed, signed and sent to that address. When the application is received it will be reviewed to ensure it meets our guidelines and evaluated for acceptance as a case. You will receive a written acknowledgement of this.

Download or view the inquiry form here as a PDF file (right click and “Save target as'” to download)

The following information is very important when completing the application:
– Full name of missing person
– Exact date of birth
– Place of birth
–  The names of the parents of the missing person (including mother’s maiden name)

If the request is not accepted, you will be notified and appropriate referrals made.
Mailing List of Family Tracing Offices in Canada and Bermuda

Alberta and Northern Territory
Calgary 420 9 Ave. SE T2G 0R9 (403) 930-2723
Edmonton 9611 – 102 Ave NW T5H 0E5 (780) 429-4274
Grande Prairie 9615 102 St T8V 2T8 (780) 532-2848

British Columbia
Vancouver 103 3833 Henning Dr, V5C 6N5 (604) 299-3908
Victoria 525 Johnson St, V8W 1M2 (250) 384-3396

Halifax 282 – 7071 Bayers Rd B3L 2C2 (902) 455-1201
Moncton 32 King St NB E1C 4M2 (506) 389-9901
Saint John 36 St. James St, NB, E2L 1V3 (506) 634-7021

Newfoundland and Labrador
St. John’s 18 Springdale St NL, A1E 2R1 (709) 739-0291

Ontario Central East
Kingston 342 Patrick St, K7K 6R6 (613) 548-4411
Oshawa 45 King St. E, L1H1B2 (905) 723-7422
Ottawa 171 George St, K1N 5W5 (613) 241-1573
Peterborough 219 Simcoe St, K9H 2H6 (705) 742-4391
Toronto 723 Queen St West M6J 1E6 (647) 281-6075

Ontario Great Lakes
Hamilton 94 York Blvd, L8R 1R6 (905) 527-1444
Kitchener 1-300 Gage Ave N2M 2C8 (519) 745-4215
London 281 Wellington St, N6B 2L4 (519) 661-0343
St Catharines 184 Church St, L2R 3E7 (905) 684-7813
Thunder Bay 545 Cumberland St N P7A 4S2 (807) 345-7319
Windsor 355 Church St, N9A 7G9 (519) 253-7473

Prairie Division
Regina 2240 13th Ave S4P 3M7 (306) 757-4600
Saskatoon 339 Ave C S, S7M 1N5 (306) 242-6280
Winnipeg 811 School Rd R2Y 0S8 (204) 896-2462

Montreal 1655 Richardson St QC H3K 3J7 (514) 288-2848

Hamilton P.O. Box HM2259 HMJX (441) 292-0601

International and all other inquiries to:

Family Tracing
The Salvation Army
2 Overlea Blvd.
Toronto ON
M4H 1P4

Tel: (416) 422-6219

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