Maintenance Man

Maintenance Man 0

I help repair The Salvation Army’s New Life addictions centre. But 10 years ago, it was me that needed fixing.

Restoration Work

Restoration Work 0

A Harbour Light resident and employee explains how God turned his messy life into a message.

Salvation Army Opposes Toronto Casino

Salvation Army Opposes Toronto Casino 0

Toronto’s most vulnerable people will be negatively affected, organization says.

Music of the Heart

Music of the Heart 0

At the Victoria Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre, a new music program is helping residents gain self-confidence.

A Heart Unchained

A Heart Unchained 0

Before he could become totally free, Brian Turner had to escape a prison of his own making.

Making the Right Choice

Making the Right Choice 0

Decisions that seem common sense to us don’t even occur to some people. But why?

Key to a Fresh Start

Key to a Fresh Start 0

Vancouver’s Grace Mansion gives clients a place to call home.

Gibsons Corps Celebrates Recovery 1

Recovery program helps people overcome their “hurts, habits and hang-ups”

Chef Recovery

Chef Recovery 1

The names Jay Barnard gives his signature dishes tell his story of redemption. 

A New Chapter

A New Chapter 0

Addicted to cocaine, booze and cigarettes, I’d become a hollow shell. I needed to turn the page.

Walking the Emmaus Road

Walking the Emmaus Road

An encounter with the Risen One inspires hope and transformation.

Reflections on Holy Week

Reflections on Holy Week

Speakers share sermons on love in preparation for Good Friday and Easter.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Where Is God When It Hurts?

Where Is God When It Hurts?

The miracle of Easter means you don’t have to face trials on your own.

Inside a High Council

Inside a High Council

An interview with retired General John Larsson.

Territorial News

Breakfast Program Serves Food and Fun

Healthy Families provides a safe environment for children to eat a nutritious meal.

New Executive Appointments Announced

These Salvation Army appointments within the Canada and Bermuda Territory are effective June 27, 2014.

International News

General Reopens “Transformed” Sunbury Court

General Reopens “Transformed” Sunbury Court

Historical building is now home to the International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development.

Salvation Army Provides Assistance After Korean Ferry Disaster

Salvation Army Provides Assistance After Korean Ferry Disaster

Relief team provides food and laundry services to rescuers and victims’ families.

Faith & Friends

Book Review: Heaven is for Real

Book Review: Heaven is for Real

Is Heaven is for Real a bona fide account of a little boy’s near-death experience or just wishful thinking?

Doing Art Justice

Doing Art Justice

Jessica Puddicombe’s artwork shines a light on the inequities that exist in Canada and elsewhere.