Pushing the Reset Button

Pushing the Reset Button 1

Nikki may have been broken, but The Salvation Army knew she was not beyond repair.

Maintenance Man

Maintenance Man 0

I help repair The Salvation Army’s New Life addictions centre. But 10 years ago, it was me that needed fixing.

Restoration Work

Restoration Work 0

A Harbour Light resident and employee explains how God turned his messy life into a message.

Salvation Army Opposes Toronto Casino

Salvation Army Opposes Toronto Casino 0

Toronto’s most vulnerable people will be negatively affected, organization says.

Music of the Heart

Music of the Heart 0

At the Victoria Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre, a new music program is helping residents gain self-confidence.

A Heart Unchained

A Heart Unchained 0

Before he could become totally free, Brian Turner had to escape a prison of his own making.

Making the Right Choice

Making the Right Choice 0

Decisions that seem common sense to us don’t even occur to some people. But why?

Key to a Fresh Start

Key to a Fresh Start 0

Vancouver’s Grace Mansion gives clients a place to call home.

Gibsons Corps Celebrates Recovery 1

Recovery program helps people overcome their “hurts, habits and hang-ups”

Chef Recovery

Chef Recovery 1

The names Jay Barnard gives his signature dishes tell his story of redemption. 

Run for Your Life!

Run for Your Life!

A Salvation Army program builds bodies and community in Calgary.

Their Lights Will Shine

Their Lights Will Shine

Digging beneath the surface of The Salvation Army’s historical ministry to coal miners and their families.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

The Salvation Army has made great strides for women in ministry, but there’s still work to be done.

The Bible With Boots On

The Bible With Boots On

How our first doctrine helps us walk the talk.

Territorial News

Bermuda Divisional Band Holds Festival

Bermuda Divisional Band Holds Festival

Event celebrates Army’s history as a force for the salvation of souls.

Salvation Army Shelter to Display Student Art

Salvation Army Shelter to Display Student Art

Art students partner with Salvation Army shelter to provide comfort and hope.

International News

International Conference of Leaders Ends in Unity and Thanksgiving

Conference filled with rich conversation and debate on issues facing The Salvation Army in the 21st century.

Chief of the Staff Emphasizes Accountability at ICL

Commissioner William A. Roberts calls Salvation Army to higher standards at day six of International Conference of Leaders.

Faith & Friends

Thirty-Three Summers of Service

Thirty-Three Summers of Service

Generations of Salvation Army campers at Jackson’s Point, Ont., have learned that they can rely on Isobel Watkinson.

More Than a Cooking Lesson

More Than a Cooking Lesson

A Salvation Army healthy eating program in Vancouver helps vulnerable newcomers.