Commissioning 2009 Weekend Photo Gallery 0

The ordination and commissioning of the Witnesses for Christ Session

Answering the Call

Answering the Call 9

Sixteen lieutenants and four captains of the Witnesses for Christ Session commissioned as Salvation Army officers

Witnesses for Christ

Witnesses for Christ 0

Sixteen cadets commissioned as Salvation Army officers with the rank of lieutenant

Wounds From a Friend 0

Do you have the courage to deal with conflict?

Cadets’ Summer Assignments 2009 1

Salvation Army cadets to participate in hands-on training over the summer months

Officers and Cadets Assist with Flood Prevention

Officers and Cadets Assist with Flood Prevention 0

Whether on the sandbagging teams, the dike building lines or serving meals, it was evident that all volunteers were united for the good of the community

Building a Future

Building a Future

Trade Start helps at-risk youth find a better path.

The Unlikely Disciples

The Unlikely Disciples

In the midst of fear, weakness and doubt came the news that led to great faith.

Opinion & Critical Thought

With a Vengeance

With a Vengeance

Should some crimes have no possibility of parole?

House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Should churches make room for other religions?

Territorial News

2015 Executive Appointments Announced

These Salvation Army appointments within the Canada and Bermuda Territory are effective June 26, August 28 and September 1, 2015.

Canadian Council of Churches Expresses Concern Over ISIS

Church leaders write to Prime Minister Stephen Harper with reservations concerning Canada’s military mission.

International News

Salvation Army Leaders at Memorial for Victims of Germanwings Air Disaster

Army expresses condolences, offers support.

General Cox Visits the Middle East

General Cox Visits the Middle East

Meeting shows the international nature of The Salvation Army.

Faith & Friends

Surviving the Den

Surviving the Den

As a Dragons’ Den graduate and successful entrepreneur, Desmond Choi fuses passion for business with his faith.

Jacob’s Journey

Jacob’s Journey

With the love of his family, the support of his church and the dedication of medical specialists, a young boy battled a killer heart condition.