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Correctional and Justice Services

“Play It Again, Barrie!”

“Play It Again, Barrie!” 0

Thanks to a unique band, inmates in British Columbia’s correctional system are singing a different tune.

A Heart Unchained

A Heart Unchained 0

Before he could become totally free, Brian Turner had to escape a prison of his own making.

Volunteers for 27 Years

Volunteers for 27 Years 0

Brian and Anne Newell share in ministry with The Salvation Army’s correctional and justice services.

Redemption Stories

Redemption Stories 0

Kingston’s Freedom Ministries offers invaluable support to inmates, past offenders and their families.

Episode 1: Joy Wade Finds Redemption 0

In this video, Joy Wade speaks about why she is a member of The Salvation Army, what Jesus means to her and why we should never give up.

Craig’s List

Craig’s List 1

Recently released from prison, Paul Craig was mad at the world. What would it take to defuse his anger?

I Was in Prison … and You Visited Me

I Was in Prison … and You Visited Me 0

Salvationists have the opportunity to reach out to offenders. This ministry can be a transforming experience

Video: Correctional and Justice Services 1

The Salvation Army continues to seek new and productive initiatives to improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice system and respond to people in need

Rough Justice

Rough Justice 0

Is our legal system in danger of losing its moral authority? When it comes to criminals, are we seeking restoration or revenge?

Who Deserves Our Mercy?

Who Deserves Our Mercy? 1

As Christians, we need to hear the cries of those in need

The Whole Gospel

The Whole Gospel

Following the way of Jesus through integrated mission.

Responsible for Ministry, Committed to Mission

Responsible for Ministry, Committed to Mission

Hundreds gather for the 2014 Territorial Social Services Conference.

Opinion & Critical Thought

By the Rivers of Babylon

By the Rivers of Babylon

Are we too content in exile?

Jesus the Christ

Jesus the Christ

How our fourth doctrine calls us to Christlike humility.

Territorial News

Cadets Receive Winter Assignments

Cadets Receive Winter Assignments

Intensive ministry opportunity helps cadets develop skills.

Booth University College Enrolment Up 10.5%

Salvation Army university college experiences eighth consecutive year of growth.

International News

First Burundian Officers Commissioned

First Burundian Officers Commissioned

Rwanda and Burundi Command commissions eight new officers, bringing total officers in command to 37.

New One Army Resources Available

New One Army Resources Available

Three new units added to teaching resource, which will help Salvationists understand and live the mission of the Army.

Faith & Friends

Movie Review: Fury

Movie Review: Fury

In the new movie Fury, Brad Pitt must hold an important position against the might of Nazi Germany.

Promise Keeper

Promise Keeper

Through all the twists and turns of her life, Lily Oatley’s faith has kept her safe.