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Correctional and Justice Services

A Healing Place

A Healing Place 0

The Salvation Army and an Indigenous correctional facility partner to restore women’s lives.

Partners in Outreach

Partners in Outreach 0

The Salvation Army and law enforcement work together to help the most vulnerable.

Life After Prison

Life After Prison 0

How Ellen Osler Home helps women start over.

Trials and Tribulations

Trials and Tribulations 6

From caring for victims of abuse at Mount Cashel Orphanage to fighting human trafficking, Dolly Sweetapple leaves a legacy for corrections in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Repairing the Harm

Repairing the Harm 0

Restorative justice heals broken relationships.

“Play It Again, Barrie!”

“Play It Again, Barrie!” 0

Thanks to a unique band, inmates in British Columbia’s correctional system are singing a different tune.

A Heart Unchained

A Heart Unchained 0

Before he could become totally free, Brian Turner had to escape a prison of his own making.

Volunteers for 27 Years

Volunteers for 27 Years 0

Brian and Anne Newell share in ministry with The Salvation Army’s correctional and justice services.

Redemption Stories

Redemption Stories 0

Kingston’s Freedom Ministries offers invaluable support to inmates, past offenders and their families.

Episode 1: Joy Wade Finds Redemption 0

In this video, Joy Wade speaks about why she is a member of The Salvation Army, what Jesus means to her and why we should never give up.

The Uniform Challenge

The Uniform Challenge

Do you have what it takes to wear your faith?

Art of Compassion

Art of Compassion

Creative expression brings healing to clients at Bermuda’s Harbour Light.

Opinion & Critical Thought

The Mother Load

The Mother Load

Was this Mother’s Day difficult for you? You’re not alone

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Rebuilding lives and hope in Haiti.

Territorial News

Survey Results: Salvationist Views on Officership

Survey Results: Salvationist Views on Officership

Results will help the territorial candidates’ office identify perceptions and trends.

Update on Assisted Death Legislation

The Salvation Army responds to Bill C-14.

International News

Salvation Army Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Salvation Army Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Red Shield emergency response teams are in action across the affected region.

General Brings Encouragement to U.S.A. Southern Territory

General Brings Encouragement to U.S.A. Southern Territory

The ministry of The Salvation Army can give people “a life-changing hope,” says General André Cox.

Faith & Friends

Movie Review: Apocalypse Now

Movie Review: Apocalypse Now

The X-Men face a formidable enemy with a god complex in new film.

Movie Review: Maggie’s Plan

Movie Review: Maggie’s Plan

A young woman learns how to let go in new film.