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Untying the Knot

Untying the Knot 0

How do we care for families affected by divorce?

Holier Matrimony

Holier Matrimony 0

Two Salvationist couples share their candid take on what does—and doesn’t—make a marriage work.

Returning Home

Returning Home 0

What would it take to bring Roma Whittle back to God?

From “Joe” to “Dad”

From “Joe” to “Dad” 1

I was convinced my mother had married a monster, until one horrible night.

Breaking Through

Breaking Through 0

A single mother learns to trust again at The Salvation Army.

All in the Family

All in the Family 0

Adopted as a child, Major Karen Hammond shares a special bond with her own adopted daughter.

Family Ties

Family Ties 11

Was The Salvation Army’s visionary Founder a good father?

Miracle Maggie

Miracle Maggie 1

With his newborn daughter on the brink of death, a desperate father made a solemn promise.

Finding Family

Finding Family 0

A search for daycare for her grandchild led Doreen Alamaras to an even greater discovery.

Nowhere to Go

Nowhere to Go 0

At the end of her rope, one woman and her family found hope at a Salvation Army centre.

The Army in Miniature

The Army in Miniature

Salvationist Norman Cuthbert makes history—one metal figurine at a time.

Down to a Science

Down to a Science

On Earth Day, a biologist and Salvationist shares why she cares for creation.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Burn Notice

Burn Notice

Three ways to prevent spiritual exhaustion.

When the Shadows Lengthen

When the Shadows Lengthen

Death is not the last word.

Territorial News

Army Publications Win 21 Church Press Awards

Army Publications Win 21 Church Press Awards

Canadian Church Press recognizes Salvationist, Faith & Friends, Foi & Vie and

Annual Change 2016

Full listing of the annual appointment changes for Salvation Army officers in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. These appointments are effective July 1, 2016 (unless otherwise stated).

International News

Salvation Army Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Salvation Army Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Red Shield emergency response teams are in action across the affected region.

General Brings Encouragement to U.S.A. Southern Territory

General Brings Encouragement to U.S.A. Southern Territory

The ministry of The Salvation Army can give people “a life-changing hope,” says General André Cox.

Faith & Friends

Comfort Food

Comfort Food

How Mom’s homemade tea biscuits cheered a lonely soul.

Saved Twice

Saved Twice

The Salvation Army was there for me, body and soul.