Juan Burry

Reality Check

Reality Check 0

Do we airbrush our image?

Spare the Rod

Spare the Rod 3

Is physical discipline ever appropriate?

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief 3

Are we willing to change our minds?

Open Doors

Open Doors 7

I believe in a Christianity that makes room for differences.

Bible Bandwagon

Bible Bandwagon 4

The Word of God doesn’t belong in the classroom.

From Hero to Zero

From Hero to Zero 0

Lance Armstrong’s confession reminds us to empathize with the broken—no matter how far they’ve fallen.

Suffer the Children

Suffer the Children 5

Did God allow school children to die in Connecticut to make a point?
Some misguided Christians think so

God-Sanctioned Brutality?

God-Sanctioned Brutality? 3

A U.S. politician’s comments about rape sparked anger. How might Salvationists respond?

Doubt: Faith’s Friend or Foe?

Doubt: Faith’s Friend or Foe? 0

Many Christians experience times when their beliefs are challenged. Thankfully, God is big enough to handle all our questions.

Stick to the Script

Stick to the Script 1

Before we speak, we should weigh the implications of our words.

Water for Life

Water for Life

The Salvation Army opens new wells as part of the Safe Water project in Sri Lanka.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild

A Salvation Army doctor provides essential care in the rural outposts of Papua New Guinea.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter

Major Danielle Strickland tackles trafficking in the U.S.A. Western Territory.

Under Stormy Skies

Under Stormy Skies

Living through the long wait for Easter.

Territorial News

Salvation Army Responds After N.L. Wind Storm

Salvation Army Responds After N.L. Wind Storm

Warming centres offer comfort to residents in need.

Salvationists Join Nisga’a New Year Events

Salvationists Join Nisga’a New Year Events

Territorial commander celebrates 90th anniversary with Gitwinksihlkw Corps.

International News

The Whole World Mobilising Releases App

The Whole World Mobilising Releases App

“Fitness app for your spirit” now available for Apple and Android devices.

Faith & Friends

Time for Change

Time for Change

At The Salvation Army, Cyntra Seebaransingh knows she is part of a team that is a true reflection of Canada.

Tea Party Caring

Tea Party Caring

How one woman has turned a social occasion into a way of helping others.