Mission Matters

Why Officership?

Why Officership? 0

We need to develop a culture of growth in Army leadership, says the territorial commander.

Easter Victory

Easter Victory 0

Living in the power of Christ’s Resurrection.

Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future 1

Through our holy living, we bear witness to the gifts of forgiveness, hope and eternal life.

Focusing the Vision

Focusing the Vision 27

As the territorial commander, I want to lead an Army that celebrates its relationship with God and others. Please join me in this time of focusing the vision as we become one Army with one mission sharing one message.

Christ is Here

Christ is Here 0

In the busyness of Christmas, we must not lose sight of the significance of Jesus’ birth

Boundless 2015

Boundless 2015

Highlighting 150 years of salvation and service around the world.

Grace Notes

Grace Notes

National Music Camp staff and students share why it’s the best week of the year.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Give It a (Sabbath) Rest

Give It a (Sabbath) Rest

Our lives are incredibly busy, but we ignore the fourth commandment at our peril.

The Power to Prevail

The Power to Prevail

How the Holy Spirit helps us conquer sin and do good.

Territorial News

Territorial Survey Reveals Most Valued Areas of Ministry

Results to help Army strengthen connection between behaviours and values.

Salvation Army Joins Faith Leaders in Condemning Persecution in Mosul, Iraq

Leaders stand with those committed to ensuring respect for the human rights of all.

International News

Salvation Army Responds After Earthquake in California, USA

Salvation Army Responds After Earthquake in California, USA

Emergency mobile feeding units sent to worst-affected areas in Napa and Vallejo.

Salvation Army Supports Ferguson Community after Fatal Shooting

The Salvation Army offers practical and spiritual support for the community of Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of a young man by a police officer.

Faith & Friends

Keeping His Grip on Life

Keeping His Grip on Life

Golfer Ben Crane has parlayed his good fortune into helping abused and abandoned children around the world.

Patricia Hyland’s New Path

Patricia Hyland’s New Path

The choice was clear: kill myself with alcohol or save myself with faith. Only I could decide.