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Elysium: Future Imperfect

Elysium: Future Imperfect 0

Elysium is a cautionary tale of the growing gap between rich and poor.

The Causeway Initiative

The Causeway Initiative 1

Forming unlikely friendships in the heart of Toronto.

Making the Right Choice

Making the Right Choice 0

Decisions that seem common sense to us don’t even occur to some people. But why?

Jesus of the Streets

Jesus of the Streets 1

Seeing Christ in the marginalized

A Message of Transformation

A Message of Transformation 0

In spite of political and economic turmoil, the South America East Territory is focused on growth, says Colonel Susan McMillan

Standing Up to the Bullies

Standing Up to the Bullies 1

What is the role of The Salvation Army in advocating for the poor and marginalized? What influence can we have over those who treat others unjustly?

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails 1

Helped by The Salvation Army when her life hit a low ebb, Carol Willems knows what it is like to be in despair at Christmastime

Operation Bethlehem

Operation Bethlehem 1

Why does it take Christmas to heighten our sensitivity toward the poor and disadvantaged? How do we move with Jesus to a post-manger experience?

Fighting Greed With Generosity

Fighting Greed With Generosity 0

When we share our wealth with others, we embrace the true spirit of Christmas

Canadian Christians Invited to Fast for Change

Canadian Christians Invited to Fast for Change 0

Canadian Foodgrains Bank-sponsored event a way to “respond to the issue of hunger”

Life After Prison

Life After Prison

How Ellen Osler Home helps women start over.

Introducing IRIS

Introducing IRIS

Sci-fi meets Salvation Army in new graphic novel series.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Rallying Cry

Rallying Cry

The importance of making soldiers of Jesus and The Salvation Army.

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Building faith and friendship at summer camp.

Territorial News

Salvation Army Opens New Centre in Quebec City

Salvation Army Opens New Centre in Quebec City

New centre houses a thrift store, community and family services and corps.

Newfoundland Corps Embraces Digital Outreach

Newfoundland Corps Embraces Digital Outreach

Conception Bay South corps live-broadcasts services, reaching thousands.

International News

Boundless Commemorative Book Revealed

Boundless Commemorative Book Revealed

Book to capture vibrant internationalism, warm fellowship and inspiring worship that took place in London.

Salvation Army Releases Position Statement on Alcohol

Army continues to encourage alcohol-free lifestyle as a way of enhancing the well-being and health of all people.

Faith & Friends

Human Trafficking’s Harsh Reality

Human Trafficking’s Harsh Reality

As we welcome athletes and spectators attending the 2015 Pan Am Games, we must work together to keep sex traffickers out.

Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water

Was the race over for rower Sarah Chaudhery?