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General Calls for New Fight to End Hunger 1

General André Cox encourages Salvationists to renew commitment to combat injustice.

Back to Our Roots

Back to Our Roots 4

Is The Salvation Army still the church of the poor?

Interview with General André Cox

Interview with General André Cox 0

In this exclusive interview, recently elected General André Cox discusses his vision for the Army, the Army’s response to poverty and human trafficking, and why multiculturalism is one of the Army’s greatest strengths.

Elysium: Future Imperfect

Elysium: Future Imperfect 0

Elysium is a cautionary tale of the growing gap between rich and poor.

The Causeway Initiative

The Causeway Initiative 1

Forming unlikely friendships in the heart of Toronto.

Making the Right Choice

Making the Right Choice 0

Decisions that seem common sense to us don’t even occur to some people. But why?

Jesus of the Streets

Jesus of the Streets 1

Seeing Christ in the marginalized

A Message of Transformation

A Message of Transformation 0

In spite of political and economic turmoil, the South America East Territory is focused on growth, says Colonel Susan McMillan

Standing Up to the Bullies

Standing Up to the Bullies 1

What is the role of The Salvation Army in advocating for the poor and marginalized? What influence can we have over those who treat others unjustly?

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails 1

Helped by The Salvation Army when her life hit a low ebb, Carol Willems knows what it is like to be in despair at Christmastime

Art of Compassion

Art of Compassion

Creative expression brings healing to clients at Bermuda’s Harbour Light.

Project Green

Project Green

Five ways The Salvation Army combats climate change.

Opinion & Critical Thought

The Mother Load

The Mother Load

Was this Mother’s Day difficult for you? You’re not alone

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Rebuilding lives and hope in Haiti.

Territorial News

What Do Salvationists Think of Officership?

What Do Salvationists Think of Officership?

Survey helps the territorial candidates’ office identify perceptions and trends.

Update on Assisted Death Legislation

The Salvation Army responds to Bill C-14.

International News

Salvation Army Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Salvation Army Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Red Shield emergency response teams are in action across the affected region.

General Brings Encouragement to U.S.A. Southern Territory

General Brings Encouragement to U.S.A. Southern Territory

The ministry of The Salvation Army can give people “a life-changing hope,” says General André Cox.

Faith & Friends

Movie Review: Maggie’s Plan

Movie Review: Maggie’s Plan

A young woman learns how to let go in new film.

Invitation Accepted

Invitation Accepted

Linda Wheadon’s guilt threatened to overwhelm her until a caring Salvation Army church opened its doors.