Too Busy to Love?

Too Busy to Love? 1

Do we really care about people outside the Church or just see them as targets for evangelism?

The Spirit of Salvationism

The Spirit of Salvationism 3

Every soldier has promised to live this out. But what is it?

One Army, One Mission, One Message

One Army, One Mission, One Message 1

General Linda Bond launches international vision for The Salvation Army, challenging Salvationists to bear witness to a God-raised, Spirit-filled Army for the 21st century.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings 2

God’s grace offers us the opportunity to start afresh

The World for God

The World for God 4

From the east end of London, England, The Salvation Army’s evangelistic mission has spread to 124 countries

International Insight

International Insight 2

General Linda Bond’s second installment of Sharing the Vision, written to Salvationists around the world.

Writing the Vision

Writing the Vision 0

Commissioner Wesley Harris’ new book explores prayer, holiness, Salvationism and mission.

Marching as to War

Marching as to War 13

Is the concept of soldiership outdated? Should we consider other forms of membership in The Salvation Army?

Interview with General-Elect Commissioner Linda Bond

Interview with General-Elect Commissioner Linda Bond 16

Spiritual leadership and the strengths of the Army

Can You Imagine?

Can You Imagine? 1

We need to unlock the key to re-imagining new possibilities for the places we serve

Called to Dance

Called to Dance

Salvationist Jalianne Li’s unique form of worship helped her break free of depression.

Video: “God is With Us”

Video: “God is With Us”

Watch the territorial commander’s Christmas message for Salvationists.

Opinion & Critical Thought

Contemplating Christmas

Contemplating Christmas

In the story of Christ’s birth, which character are you?

The Meaning of the Cross

The Meaning of the Cross

How our sixth doctrine shows us who God is.

Territorial News

Canadian Council of Churches Urges Protection for Syrian Refugees

Council believes Canada should choose refugees in light of our capacity and their need, not their religious creed.

Santa Shuffle Raises $500,000

Santa Shuffle Raises $500,000

Sixteen thousand people across Canada participate in race.

International News

The General and Pope Francis Meet at Vatican

The General and Pope Francis Meet at Vatican

First-ever private meeting between a Salvation Army General and a Pope demonstrates commitment to common goal of sharing of the love of God.

Salvation Army Officer Rings Bells for 150 Hours

Salvation Army Officer Rings Bells for 150 Hours

Major Marcelino “Butch” Soriano’s record-breaking ringing celebrates The Salvation Army’s 150th anniversary in 2015.

Faith & Friends

“Can I Play Your Guitar?”

“Can I Play Your Guitar?”

Eric Day was faced with a Christmastime dilemma: should he hand over his precious possession to a stranger?

“Let My People Go!”

“Let My People Go!”

With Exodus: Gods and Kings, Ridley Scott brings an epic story to a new generation.