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What is Brighter Futures?

The Brighter Futures children’s sponsorship program is currently working with The Salvation Army in more than 20 countries to bring hope and brighter futures to children and youth. Our funds support programs and institutions including schools, orphanages, preschools and daycares. Through each of these programs, we are able to provide practical assistance that addresses education, healthcare, nutrition, clean water and sanitation, and so much more.

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The Salvation Army believes in the power of quality to education to help lift children ouf of poverty. However, many children around the world, especially girls, are often not afforded the chance to go to school. The Brighter Futures children's sponsorship program works with The Salvation Army around the world to provide vulnerable children with school fees, unfiroms, supplies, textbooks and equipment. By providing children with the tools, resources and guidance to complete their education, they are given the opportunity to obtain meaningful employment or pursue higher education.

Photo of smiling boy from Kenya receiving physiotherapy


Brighter Futures Children’s Sponsorship program provides important first-aid, hygiene, and dental kits to children in schools, children’s homes, and after-school programs. When their basic health needs are looked after, both children and their families are free from worry and are able to focus on other essentials, helping them to break free from the cycle of poverty.

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Many children are unable to meet their basic food needs because of extreme poverty. Brighter Futures addresses this need by supporting various children’s homes and centers in providing nutritious meals to underprivileged children as a way of reducing hunger and improving nutrition. When children are fed, they are better equipped to remain in school, focus on their studies and perform well academically.

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Clean Water and Sanitation:

A child’s well-being is highly dependent on availability of safe water and how well this resource is being managed. Childhood diarrhea is closely associated with insufficient water supply, inadequate sanitation and contaminated water. Brighter Futures helps ensure that children have access to safe and clean water as well as adequate sanitation to protect them from deadly diseases.

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Photo of girl child from Sri Lanka holding up a sign that says she wants to be a doctor

Gender Equality:

Around the world, girls continue to face barriers that often keep them from reaching their full potential. Injustices like gender-based violence, limited or no educational opportunities and child marriage is the reality for so many. Each of the programs sponsored through Brighter Futures aims to give every girl the same opportunity as boys such as a quality education and the opportunity to dream and set goals for her life. Every girl is important, and every girl deserves the chance to be successful and dream of a brighter future!

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Photo of siblings in Pakistan standing with goats


Goats are very important to many poor families and can adjust to almost any condition, are great for providing milk, meat and even manure for the family garden. In some of our programs we have begun to look beyond immediate needs and provide opportunities for long-term sustainability by giving goats to students. While the children are currently receiving an education at the schools, the goat program provides these children and their families the opportunity to provide for their daily needs for many years to come!

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