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One of the greatest resources that support the work of the International Development Department is our quarterly newsletter, Global Link. It is in this newsletter that we are able to communicate to our donors and any who are interested, the important work we are accomplishing through their support. Stories from beneficiaries that exude gratitude speaks well of the various ways in which our project work is making a difference and providing sustainable growth. 

In order to ensure that this tool is read and enjoyed, awareness is key. Below you will find resources that will help to inform members, staff and visitors at ministry units of the impact we are making through their partnership and support. 

Thank you for using these tools at your facility.

Download 8.5" x 11" Poster

Download Bulletin Insert A PowerPoint slide has been designed to be included with each ministry unit's weekly announcements or at other times throughout the week that may be appropriate. 

Download PowerPoint Announcement Slide

(If a Windows Security message pops up while accessing these resources, simply 'x' out of the window to proceed.) 

If you require a specific resource for your ministry unit, please do not hesitate to contact World Missions at:

Thank you for your support of the international work of The Salvation Army.

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