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This quarterly newsletter is a wonderful tool with which to share stories and achievements from our mission to support the international work of The Salvation Army. We trust that it will inform you of the impact that we are able to have together through our international partnerships and opportunities. 

In this newsletter, we share stories related to our:

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Brighter Futures Sponsorship Program
 in children's facilities around the world. We strive to represent the  scope of our support within various initiatives such as nutrition, education, shelter and protection, both in residential and day programs. In each edition you will find stories of our project work in at least two different  locations. Over the course of time we will report progress in as many programs as possible. We trust you will  enjoy reading about how your donations are providing so much potential and opportunity for the precious children in the care of The Salvation Army. 

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Gifts of Hope Program
, which is at work providing so much hope to communities around the world from Training a Farmer and the provision of Livestock, to various Health and Education gift options, and through the provision of transportation vehicles and other items that provide support in developing countries. We trust that you will enjoy reading the stories from grateful beneficiaries who see their hopes become a reality. 

Photo of beneficiaries accepting disaster relief items
Emergency Disaster Responses
, responding quickly to natural and man-made disasters from the initial crisis stage to the long-term redevelopment and livelihood support stage. Following this work we share in Global Link what we have accomplished and how we remain in some of the affected communities providing support while they settle into new routines and become stable once more. 

One of the goals of our integrated project work is to be holistic in nature and bring about sustainable growth that supports communities in their desire for independence. You will read in Global Link how the various programs you support overlap to bring about change in a sustainable way. 

Thank you for partnering with us in this journey. You are making a difference and we are excited to share with you, through Global Link, all the accomplishments that we are making together. 

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We thank you for your support!

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