About World Missions Department

Building on General William Booth’s philosophy to preach salvation to hungry people, along with the concept of soup, soap and salvation, the International Salvation Army has a perfect partnership opportunity.

The World Missions office has been involved in emergency and development projects for over sixty years, working alongside colleagues in the developing world to break the cycle of poverty. With a Salvation Army presence in 128 countries, the projects we support are broad in scope: from providing safe water and creating earning opportunities, to caring for vulnerable children and health care programs, and to allow us the opportunity and privilege to immediately respond to international disasters. In every case the programs we fund offer dignity and long lasting hope to children and adults who might otherwise be overlooked.

We welcome your visit to our website and encourage you to return on occasion to see regular updates, photos and the ‘Global Impacts’ that are possible through the support of the generous hearts of our donors.

May God bless you!