International Development Canada and bermuda Territory.

Building on General William Booth's philosophy to preach salvation to hungry people, along with the concept of soup, soap and salvation, the International Salvation Army has a perfect partnership opportunity.

For more than 60 years, the International Development office has collaborated with partners in developing nations on emergency and development initiatives in an effort to end the cycle of poverty. With an Army presence in 134 countries, the initiatives we support range widely in nature, from opportunities and safe water provision to health care programs and the care of vulnerable children, as well as giving us the chance and privilege to respond promptly to global calamities. In every instance, the programs we support provide children and adults who might otherwise go unnoticed with dignity and enduring hope.

We welcome your visit to our website and encourage you to return on occasion to see regular updates of the work we do around the globe!

What we doL Serving in 134 countries across 5 continents, fulfilling human needs without judgement, pursuing mission for over 60 years.

Our Vision: The Salvation Army International Development department is a dedicated resource committed to responding to the global interests the Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda.