Under the Tree Campaign 2023-2024

The aim of the Under the Tree fundraiser is to bring awareness every year to three main areas in which the International Development Department works – children’s homes, schools and agriculture projects.

Ministry Units can work together as a congregation, a women's ministry group, a youth group, etc. Individuals can then purchase specific items that will help to: Fill a Dorm, Fill a School and Build a Farm. 

Fill a Dorm 

The Under the Tree “Fill a Dorm” fundraiser will support children living in India's Bapatla Boys and Girls Hostel. Many children lack access to basic needs such as proper nutrition, education and social and spiritual guidance.

The Fill a Dorm campaign aims to help children have access to education, food and so much more.

Fill a School

The Salvation Army believes in the power of quality to education to help lift children out of poverty. However, many children around the world, especially girls, are often not afforded the chance to go to school.

The Fill a School fundraiser will provide children and youth with the tools and resources they need to flourish in the classroom.In 2023, the funds will go towards students in Zimbabwe.

With your donation, The Salvation Army can provide students with school fees, uniforms, school supplies, textbooks and more.

Build a Farm Poster

Build a Farm 

The Build a Farm fundraiser will support farming and sustainable agriculture projects. In many parts of the world, the vast majority of the poor (approximately75 percent) living in developing regions are mainly located in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.

With your support, The Salvation Army can tackle food insecurity across Liberia. Your contribution will support the farmers, not only to plant and harvest enough food for their families but also to invest in future crops, children’s education, health and family well-being.