Articles by the SIC - Salvation Army Canada

Ethically Speaking

What are your thoughts on the moral and social issues of the day? See if they align with the views expressed by members of the SIC in the articles below. 

June 2019
Hooked on Porn
For those who want to stop, there is help.

May 2019
Is it in You to Give?
Organ donation raises difficult questions

Apr 2019
Man Up!
Three ways men can fight sexism

Feb 2019
Borrowing Trouble
Are payday loans ethical?

Jan 2019
Big Brother or Big Tech
What are the consequences of a data-driven world?

Dec 2018
Reckoning With #ChurchToo
We are not immune from sexual harassment and abuse.

Nov 2018
Humanity 2.0
What are the ethical implications of gene editing technology?

Oct 2018
The Bottom Line
Could a guaranteed minimum income help lift people out of poverty?

Sept 2018
Ending Exploitation
Know the warning signs.

Aug 2018
A Bad Name
Has the word “evangelical” become an embarrassment?

 July 2018
In the Pipeline
Economy or environment? How should Christians respond to the Kinder Morgan expansion?