Convictions Matter... or Do They?

Recent trends indicate that Canadians are leaving the organized church but still value spirituality. People of all ages are identifying as “Spiritual But Not Religious.” One of the characteristics of this perspective is its rejection of religious core convictions, or doctrines. In light of this, what are we to make of Salvationist doctrines and their practice in our time?

A six-part online small group study and discussion series on the role of Salvationist doctrines in a “Spiritual But Not Religious” world, held bi-weekly from February-April 2019.

Based on the book by Ray Harris, Convictions Matter, this online study group will seek to engage this important trend and help to shape responses.

Discussion Facilitator: Major Dr. Ray Harris

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For additional information about Major Dr. Ray Harris' book, Convictions Matter, including where to purchase it, click here.