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  • Apr23Wed

    Providing Assistance to Ferry Disaster Rescuers and Families

    The Salvation Army Korea Territory reacting to the Ferry disaster April 23, 2014
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    The Salvation Army in Korea is providing assistance to rescuers and families of passengers on a ferry that capsized off the coast of Jindo Island. More than 300 of the 475 passengers were students traveling to Jeju Island on a school trip. At the time of writing, nine people are known to have died, but more than 280 are still missing.

    On hearing about the disaster, 14 officers from Chulla Division traveled straight to the scene to offer whatever assistance was needed.

    The Salvation Army- World Missions- Korea

    A Salvation Army relief team headed by Major Ahn, Gun-sik (Divisional Commander, Chulla Division), supported by personnel from territorial headquarters in Seoul, is now in place on the shore with an emergency feeding vehicle which also has laundry facilities. The major and his team will continue to work with local officials to provide help as required.


    Report from The Salvation Army - Korea Territory

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