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    Creators Turn Movie into a "Gift of Hope"

    Writers, actors and Salvationists, Geoffrey Ellis and Andrew Dolan launch their independent movie with donations made to Gifts of Hope December 16, 2014
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    Andrew Dolan and Geoffrey Ellis are two young men from a Salvation Army Corps in Toronto with huge aspirations.  Andrew, a recent neuro-science graduate and MBA student at McMaster University, has been waiting 6 years for the final release of his movie entitled “Iscariot”.  Geoffrey, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, was asked by Andrew to join the movie project, originally for a grade 11 project.  “At the end of the project I asked Geoff 'hey do you want to make a movie this summer?' where he replied 'Ya, totally.  Let's do it'.”

    The summer had come and gone and they realized they didn't have enough footage which with to work.  Rather than giving up, they re-wrote scripts and shot more footage the following summer.  “We continued working on this film and by year four, we had finished filming and began the editing process.  During that time we were trying to figure out where we were going to donate the profits,” says Andrew “We didn't want to keep the money for ourselves because again, this was just a fun project we wanted to do.”

    Once they were in the final stages, year 6, they decided to donate all proceeds from showing the movie to The Salvation Army Gifts of Hope program.  Admission was a minimum donation of $5 but people donated more once they saw where the money was being donated.   Geoffrey explained that “at the first showing [September 2013 at Scarborough Citadel] we had a Gifts of Hope display.  We didn't want people to donate money to see a movie, we wanted people to come, donate $5 and say 'and by the way, you get to see a cool movie.'”Iscariot PosterThe movie is about choices. “It is about how two people's lives go in different directions from one another because of their choices in life.”

    Geoff and Andrew raised a total of $630 from two showings at Scarborough Citadel.  With that money, they have chosen to purchase 3 Gifts of Hope; Water, Disaster Relief and Adult Literacy.

    If you missed viewing the first movie, “Dollis Productions” as they call themselves, have begun filming a second one.  “We're far from done.  We have about 25 minutes of footage so far,” Andrew hinted.  Geoff went on to say “We hope it's bigger than the first.  The more money we can raise the better”.

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