Eliassaint, her husband and four children, Wensley, 18 months, Marvins, 6, Stefa, 8, and Wilna, 10, have just moved into their recently constructed, 25 square-foot concrete home in Haiti.  Since the earthquake that struck Haiti five years ago, the family has endured many hardships including the loss of the parents jobs. At last, the family feel safe, secure and blessed.


More than 230,000 people were killed in the devastating earthquake.  In just a mere 35 seconds, houses were destroyed, buildings collapsed and roads broke apart.  Eliassaint, her husband and their two of their children, Wilna and Stefa, were luckily standing outside their home when the quake struck.  They stood in horror and watched it crumble to the ground. Their thoughts quickly turned to their five-year-old daughter who was at school nearby.  Tragically, word came that the school was decimated and many of the students and teachers were lost, including Stephania.


Homeless and stricken with grief, the family was forced to find alternative living accommodations quickly.  For a number of years' they were forced to lived off the generosity of others; staying with friends and family, all the while hoping and praying that one day they would again have a place to call their own.  Their prayers were answered recently. With the assistance of The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory and the generosity of its donors, they now have a new home.  Built on the site of their old home, this has given the Dieudanie family a new beginning.


“I really love my home,” Eliassaint said in a November interview, “it's given me safety and I can say that I have a home to live in.”


Since the earthquake, the couple has been blessed with the birth of two boys, Wensley and Marvin.  As the boys aren't yet at an age to attend school, Eliassaint stays at home with them. Her husband, unable to find work in his own village, must travel miles away to his job as a car painter.  As the distance between work and home is so far he is only able to come home once a month.  This has not deterred Eliassaint's resolve, spirit or faithfulness.


When asked if she had anything to say about the assistance she received from The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory and their donors, she joyfully said “God sent you to me to support me with this home.  I thank you and God for that.”

January 12, 2015 marks the five year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.

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