Recognizing March 8, 2015 is International Women's Day

Women have long been excluded from the classroom in many developing countries, yet even as adults they are eager to learn how to read, write and do basic arithmetic. When given the opportunity for an education, their lives are changed forever.

The following are examples of how The Salvation Army World Missions department, with the support of its donors, are addressing the needs of women in developing countries.


In the red light area of Maharashtra, India, there are more than 9,000 young women in prostitution – a situation in which they are powerless to change. Many of these young women have children who are left to fend for themselves in dangerous situations while their mother's go to work. These children have little to no education and experience poor nutrition.
The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory is supporting a program that focuses on children and women who are at risk in the red light areas of Mumbai. The children are given a safe shelter during the day, education and proper nutrition while the mothers are given skills training to open doors of opportunity for alternative employment.
The program provides counseling services to 42 women and 62 children, creates awareness to 50 mothers on the importance of children's education, and improves their health. The women who participate in the program can be an example and advocate for other women and children who are at risk.


There are 774 million people in developing countries that lack basic literacy skills. Through our Gifts of Hope program, adult literacy offers education to help them to obtain employment.
Through this literacy program, The Salvation Army Bangladesh Territory has been able to provide 18 communities with educational support. Community support groups are working with those who have graduated from the adult literacy program to conduct follow-up courses and activities to encourage lifelong learning. Up to 1,180 individuals between the ages of 15 and 45 will benefit from this program.


The support of The Salvation Army in Pakistan is crucial to helping women develop basic literacy and vocational training skills through continuing education. The goal of this program is to provide training to poor rural women in livestock management for poultry and goat rearing, and gardening.

If you are interested in supporting adult literacy programs internationally, please contact our office at, 416-422-6224 or visit and select the adult literacy gift option.

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