The Salvation Army - World Missions -Cox_Andre_Gen_smlGeneral André Cox has approved an international positional statement on alcohol in society in order to continue The Salvation Army's historic witness to the individual and societal benefits of an alcohol-free life.

The position statement reads:

The Salvation Army encourages an alcohol-free lifestyle as a way of enhancing the well-being and health of all people. As a witness to this, Salvation Army soldiers choose to live an alcohol-free life.

The Salvation Army recognizes the harm alcohol causes in individuals, families and communities. It advocates for reducing the consumption of alcohol, and it offers its services to support and restore people negatively impacted by alcohol use.

The statement does not mark a new direction, but given the persistence of the opposite messages that are provided by the alcohol industry worldwide, it fills what has been a gap in the Army's international positional statements.

Positional statements are given for the information of the public and the guidance of Salvationists. The International Moral and Social Issues Council trusts this new positional statement will find a useful place in the worldwide ministry of The Salvation Army.

View and download the full statement here.


On Saturday, July 16, 2022, Mrs Helga Whiteley said:

I disagree, if your an alcoholic and drinking you are banned from being heavily involved in the sunday meetings. Plus, Davis house as it was in Swindon in the UK, people were dying of cold on the streets but if they had been drinking the hostel staff were told not to give them blankets. Even police give them blankets.

On Saturday, September 26, 2020, monty sandor said:

Hi praise Jesus and God any addiction is harmful to the person and their family. drugs alcohol nicotine gambling etc are destructive


On Monday, August 5, 2019, Steve smith said:

Born and raised in the army. For the record, getting drunk and abusing alcohol is wrong. Going to a wedding and having a glass of wine is not. Having a beet in your backyard with the bbq is not wrong. Having an absolute view on a way of living in the 1800’s.......right? Wrong? Not relevant?


On Thursday, December 13, 2018, frank cooper said:

I work as a volunteer in a Salvation Army charity shop. we sell decanters and beer glasses is this against Salvation Army guidelines especially as the Salvation Army is tee-total,


On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, Alonzo Twyne said:

Commentator: This subject deserves at least this another response through this avenue to indicate that I have indeed done indept research on the subject and fallen on my knees asking Almighty God for wisdom so that I could help those who were deep in their troubles of drinking alcohol. I've heard the children screaming for Dad to stop hurting them and Mom; I seen families destroyed,, jobs lost, property lost and life taken by assisted sucided (Alcohol). I've sat with a Mother at the courthouse as her two teenage boys are taken into custody bcause of their brain damage(FAS). Mommy drank alcohol and poisioned them in the womb. I saw my nephew kick and scream as a lillte boy and head for the Corerectionl System and is now living on the street. He cannot think for himself - Mommy drank alcohol and poinioned his brain. The evidence is what is important, not wheather the Bible says "Do not drink Alcohol" but it does by giving evidence that is strewn right through its pages and then into all of the history of the world broken by sin. Alcohol is evil but God did not create evil. Focus on the evidence all around you. You cannot see God but the evidence is there; you cannort see the wind but the evidence is there. Are drunks and gluttons saved? Yes but both can be losrt if they do not turn and walk with God, in obedience. By the way, not all fat people are gluttons - there are other complications that can cause everweight. Look at the evidence and the eye witnesses surrounding you that alcohol - a fermented food product has destoryed. Fermenting started with the decaying of the earth in the Garden but God gave directions so that we could live without creating our own god. I have my facts straight, look at the evidence and "Do not drink wine because that will take your life but be filled with the Holy Spirit". Eph. 5:18.
Why does the man on a bike, that I observe often, drive though sleet and rain to the Beer Store and get a six-pack? Only for the 2% alcohol in that bottle. Why is there a University that just put out a statement indicating that they are close to finding the spot in the brain that they can fix so that we can drinl alcohol and not be addicted? Keep on searching with open eyes and heart.

On Monday, August 17, 2015, Commentator said:

Alonzo, your historical comments about fermented wine are inaccurate. Do research. Respectfully, please check the historical facts about wine during the time of Jesus. Over eating or gluttony is also a sin in your books I hope. There are a lot of fat Salvationists and other Christians. I know them .Are they saved?

On Sunday, August 16, 2015, Alonzo Twyne said:

Well Donald you are not looking in the Bible with open eyes. Starting with Geneisi 9 and ending with 1 Peter you will find 75 majors areas of warning re fermented drinks. Even if you looked at the fact that alcohol (a poison) is created by man fermenting a food product . I am aware that not all that drink in the bottle is bad, only the small percentage and that why people drink. That poison is the most destructive destroyer in the world. It is wrong (sinning) to put it to your lips. It is created by man that is looking for a god, since man was created to worship. I have 40 years experience working in the prisons , rehabilitation cenres for Alcohol and drugs and also in the church. I have heard all the stories about how and why and I have seen the destruction. Starting reading Proverbs 23 if you want to see and become wise.

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, Donald Jefcoat said:

I am not sure what verses of Scripture Alonzo is reading that he feels to even have alcohol touch ones lips is a sin, but I have not found that anywhere in scripture. I have found the over indulgence of wine aka drunkenness a sin. But so is the overindulgence of food aka gluteny and I do not see the Salvation Army banning the consumption of food.

On Wednesday, August 12, 2015, Alonzo Twyne said:

Yes. of course they can claim the promise of John 3:16 but that should mean they no longer would want to keep on sinning by consuming . So again, drinking this man made poison is wrong (sinning). It fits the many ways satan destroys - envy , jealously, malice, pride, murder, stealing, homosexuality, and the list goes on. Alcohol was not created in the wine that Jesus made. and as I said initually, but you didn't seem to get the point - if Jesus put alcohol in that wine then He would be a fake - but He didn't. We put alcohol in the wine and consume it and this my friend is absolutely wrong.

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015, Commentator said:

So is that a yes or a no regarding John 3:16?

On Monday, August 10, 2015, Alonzo Twyne said:

I meant that Jesus did not ferment the fruit of the vine to make poison, that would be destroying lives. Therefore He would not have become the Saviour of the world. Jesus knew who the Father God was; He did not not need to create a god like we do.

On Monday, August 10, 2015, Commentor said:

Alonzo, does that mean that professing Christians who drink alcoholic beverages cannot claim the promise of John 3:16?

On Tuesday, July 28, 2015, Alonzo Twyne said:

Alcohol is a poison created from food products to sooth life when the true God is not present in ones life. The Bible does condemn it and there are at least 75 verses that do so. Some people use the excuse for drinking poison because Jesus turn the water into wine. The word 'wine' in the Bible is used for both the fermented and non fermented. If Jesus created alcohol with the wine then He would not be our Saviour.
The Salvation Army uses the phrase 'Alcohol Abuse' instead of 'use' so that it allows employees, which should all be Christians, to drink. "Reducing the consumption of alcohol'; that is a ridiculous and evil statement.

On Friday, July 24, 2015, Edith MacLean Bronson said:

I am so happy that as a Girl Guard of The Salvation Army I was encouraged to pledge the following:
"I will abstain from the use of liquor, tobacco and all harmful habits and strive to develop a sound healthy body..And to Save and to Serve" I meant it and I still mean it..I never needed alcohol or tobacco to make my life happy and I am better off never using..Thank you JESUS..and thank my leaders who guided me aright as a young girl in the Perth Amboy NJ corps..

On Friday, July 24, 2015, Justin Steckbauer said:

Thank you for this article. Very good. The Salvation Army doesn't condemn all alcohol use like it's bad. And Salvation Army doesn't do it because they think the Bible teaches total abstinence. It's just best for soldiers who work with people with alcohol problems to not indulge. It's logical, it makes sense. It's not about misinterpretation or condemnation. It's just about love and helping others. Sometimes the hardest thing is saving these sort of views from misunderstandings in the public square. Thanks again.

On Thursday, July 23, 2015, Brian Smith said:

August I will be saved and sober 12 yrs. Thank God for The Salvation Army that saved my life . I am now. CSM of The Salvation Army Orlando Florida USA. To God be the Glory

On Thursday, July 23, 2015, Jodi said:

What is the Salvation Army statement on marriage?

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