(Above) Charlie McDougall of Burlington, Ont. is on a mission to collect $2,500

Stories of kindness during these unprecedented times are a true blessing and the story of Charlie McDougall of Burlington, Ont. is no exception.

McDougall recently celebrated his 90th birthday and to mark the occasion, his family encouraged him to do something special.

He loves to walk and so he has decided to walk 90 laps around his entire retirement community, where he resides with his wife, to raise money for the Salvation Army Burlington Community and Family Services, to help during this pandemic.

With his wife cheering him on, he is working towards raising $2,500. He thinks $2 per lap is a good start; so do his family and many friends.

His generous spirit is touching others in the community, including the Burlington Foundation which is matching the $2,500 goal. ​

Major Doug Binner, family services director, met with McDougall to offer his appreciation and share a lap, staying a good seven feet apart at all times.

"To hear Charlie's story, it just reminded me that everybody can make some type of contribution," Binner says. "It doesn't matter what your station of life is, it doesn't matter how old you might be—Charlie's making a difference!"

As he completes a couple of laps each day, we will continue to pray for the kind spirit of Charlie McDougall and his family.​​

Helping us help others! Thanks, Charlie.

The Salvation Army continues to provide essential services across Canada throughout the COVID-19 crisis. To donate, visit SalvationArmy.ca or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

Laura Foster Oros is the program coordinator at the Salvation Army Burlington Community and Family Services.


On Saturday, August 7, 2021, Scott Fraser said:

Well done Charlie , I know Mom and Dad would be very proud . Keep it up ! Scott


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