When 80-year-old Dieter first began supporting The Salvation Army, he did so because he researched the organization and learned that a large percentage of donations went directly to people in need. Then, when he attended his first donor recognition luncheon, his will to give became more personal.

Fateful Event
“The topic of the luncheon was key to Dieter’s understanding of what The Salvation Army does,” says Carol Barton, charitable gift advisor in Victoria. “The speeches relating to hope and transformation of struggling addicts had a significant impact on him.”

Dieter had a young relative who struggled with addiction and has since designated his donations to youth and adult addictions programs.

“I went to an event and learned first-hand about the work the Army does for people in real need,” says Dieter. “That’s when I committed to making annual donations and have left a large portion of my estate to The Salvation Army.”

A Hand Up
“Without the generosity of our donors and stakeholders, The Salvation Army wouldn’t be able to carry out our vital mission of Giving Hope Today, now and well into the future,” says Carol. “Furthermore, gifts to The Salvation Army reflect true compassion and love for our fellow human beings, many of whom struggle with some of life’s harshest challenges.”

“The dedication of the people at The Salvation Army is incredible,” says Dieter. “It feels good to donate to them because the money is well spent. I always ask where it is urgently needed, and that’s where we put it.”

Having spent years as a schoolteacher and then as a property developer, Dieter now spends his time relaxing and gardening.

“To know I am helping people makes me feel useful, grateful and humble. I’m glad there are trustworthy people such as The Salvation Army who not only give a hand up to those in need but make them even stronger.”

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