"Will I live to see Jean come back to You, God? Or is it too late for her to change?”

I’d prayed, wept and reminded Jesus of my family member’s troubles for years. I’d done my best to live a good life in front of her. Talked about Jesus. Prayed with her. But in the last year, she’d become more deeply entrenched in confusion and rebellion than ever. Was I wasting my time praying? Was it too late for me to hope that Jesus would change her heart?

The Epitome of Love
Those discouraging thoughts attacked my mind as my husband, Kevin, and I went out to breakfast the week before Christmas. As we entered the restaurant, the aromas of frying bacon, pancakes and freshly perked coffee welcomed us. I tried to close my mind to worry. As we opened the door, a tiny girl nearly ran into us.

“Excuse me!” she said with a bright smile, holding her mother’s hand.

I turned to Kevin. “Wow, a little kid who knows manners. That’s impressive!”

After we ordered, I noticed the little girl and her mother slip into the booth across the aisle from us. The mother was attentive and kind, calling her daughter “Sweetie” and “Honey” as she helped her assemble a craft project. She allowed the child to help put some of the pieces together, gently guiding her wee hands, patient in every instruction. She was the epitome of a loving, considerate mother.

Happy Tears
After viewing the two interact for a half an hour, I couldn’t contain my admiration any longer. I stepped into the aisle and, keeping a safe distance, told the lady, “You are the best mother ever!”

Her hazel eyes sparkled clear and bright. She grinned as she said, “Oh, thank you.”

“May I ask your daughter’s name?”


I imagine my smile filled the room. Calvary was the name of the site outside of Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified that has come to symbolize His everlasting love.

“What a wonderful name!”

The mother nodded. “When we were expecting her three years ago, we found God. He helped my husband and me get clean from years of drug abuse. I know a lot of people’s prayers were answered when we decided to follow Jesus. I wanted to name our baby something to remind us every day that Calvary is the reason we’re free.”

“Wow,” was all I could say, soft and low. “I’m so happy for you. And I know God is proud of you, too.” I could barely hold back happy tears.

The Power of Change
She thanked me again, bundled up her little reminder of the power and love of Jesus, and breezed out of the restaurant. I looked across the table at Kevin. “Did you hear that?”

He grinned. “Isn’t that phenomenal?”

My heart grabbed hold of the huge slice of hope this mother and her daughter had given me. Jesus does change lives. No one is too far gone for Him to restore. My prayers are not in vain.

Before I went to sleep that night, I thanked the Lord for sending me that reminder of His faithfulness.

“I will never give up on Jean, God, I promise. If Calvary can change longtime drug addicts into loving parents, Calvary can change Jean.”

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